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Solana smartphone “Chapter 2” pre-orders exceed 100,000, delivery scheduled to start in 2025

Solana Lab Leads Series A of Web3 Smartphone Developer OSOM

Demand for virtual currency smartphones

Solana Mobile, a smartphone subsidiary under Solana Lab, announced on the 12th that the number of pre-orders for the second generation smartphone “Chapter 2” of the crypto asset (virtual currency) Solana (SOL) has exceeded 100,000. did.

The condition for developing Chapter 2 was that the number of pre-orders exceed 100,000, so this means that the goal has been achieved. According to the official website, Chapter 2 is scheduled to be delivered in 2025.

Sales of the first generation smartphone “Saga” were sluggish, and it took nearly a year to sell out 20,000 units, but Chapter 2 received 100,000 pre-orders within a month of accepting orders. exceeded.

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The number of orders appears to have increased due to expectations for the airdrop and the introduction of a referral system called the “Referral Leaderboard.”

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Unlike Saga, Chapter 2 also accepts orders from countries other than North America and Europe, such as Japan. The pre-sale is divided into three stages, and the first stage, the “Founder Window” period, is scheduled to be released at a price of $450 (approximately 68,000 yen) excluding taxes, etc. As of the time of writing this article, the period is 24. I’m running out of time.

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secure funding

Founders Window requires a $450 deposit to pre-order. According to the official FAQ, the goal is for this price to be the price of the smartphone alone, excluding taxes, shipping, and handling fees.

With over 100,000 pre-orders, the company currently has over $45 million in funds, and Solana Lab co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko told cryptocurrency media CoinDesk, “To get the new line up and running.” “There is a minimum cost to this,” he said.

Chapter 2 will evolve Saga to make crypto products and services more accessible. Pre-sales will continue through the “Early Adopter Window” and “Supporter Window”, with prices for those times to be announced soon.

Mr. Yakovenko announced on the 14th that there were no fees when using the stablecoin “USDC” to sell Solana Mobile on the e-commerce giant “Shopify.”report. If the same quantity had been sold by credit card, the seller would have been charged $600,000 (approximately 90 million yen).

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What is a stablecoin?

A virtual currency whose price is always stable. Various stable coins have been developed whose value is backed by legal currency or virtual currency, and whose prices are stabilized using algorithms.

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Solana (SOL) special feature

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