The crypto Worldcoin (WLD) faces a 40% drop in 24 hours: hints of ‘significant announcements’

The crypto Worldcoin (WLD) has recently surpassed a market capitalization of 1 billion dollars, with a significant 300% increase in price in the last month. 

On Thursday, the value of WLD increased by 40%, driven by a number of registrations that exceeded 3.5 million, recording an increase of about 1 million users since the beginning of the year.

Furthermore, Tiago Sada, representative of Tools for Humanity, has recently hinted at the imminent “important announcements” related to Worldcoin. Let’s see all the details below. 

Worldcoin (WLD) on the rise: what to expect from the next moves of the crypto?

As anticipated, the frenetic rise of Worldcoin continued on Thursday, with the project’s token WLD recording a 40% increase, marking a significant increase of over 300% in price in the last month.

The value of WLD has reached its all-time high, reaching $8.86 yesterday.

This result has contributed to another significant milestone: a total market capitalization of 1 billion dollars, calculated based on the circulating supply of the token.

The significant price spike of WLD started just a few days ago. Many experts attribute it to the debut, which took place on February 16, of Sora, an artificial intelligence model capable of transforming text into video.

Despite there being no direct link to Worldcoin’s goal of verifying human identity through iris scanning, Sora is supported by Tools of Humanity, a company co-founded by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. 

Altman, a key figure in both projects, has led some traders to consider WLD as a substitute for OpenAI, which is not listed on the stock exchange.

While the price of WLD continues to rise, it is difficult to discern whether this increase is driven by market euphoria or solid fundamentals. 

Crucial announcements and a surge in registrations for Worldcoin

In a recent interview, Tiago Sada, head of product, engineering, and design at Tools for Humanity, maintained maximum secrecy regarding the future project updates, but hinted at the imminent announcement of significant news.

In particular, he stated to The Block the following: 

“We are extremely excited for some other important announcements coming up. But for now, I leave you hanging.”

In addition to the upcoming announcements, Worldcoin has recently seen a significant increase in the number of registrations, surpassing 3.5 million, compared to the approximately 2.5 million at the beginning of the year. 

The project, which assigns tokens to those willing to undergo iris scanning to prove their human authenticity, has created over 600,000 new accounts in the last seven days alone, as reported on its website: 

“The growing adoption of Wold App and World ID is extraordinary. Use the World app to find and book an appointment to verify your World ID in Spain and Portugal. New locations coming soon.”

Binance announces an expansion of its trading offering with the inclusion of WLD 

Binance, the leading exchange of cryptocurrencies globally, recently revealed a significant expansion of its trading offerings, introducing several new tokens on its platform.

The announcement includes the addition of significant assets such as Solana (SOL), Worldcoin (WLD), and Filecoin (FIL), highlighting the constant evolution of the crypto ecosystem. 

The newly listed tokens represent some of the most dynamic assets on the cryptocurrency market, each with unique features and recent significant performances. 

Worldcoin, for example, has seen a significant increase of 252% in the last two weeks thanks to the introduction of the revolutionary artificial intelligence video generator from OpenAI, Sora. 

Similarly, Filecoin has recorded a growth of 56%, supported by the momentum generated by artificial intelligence in the crypto sector and its integration with the Solana network.

The decision by Binance to expand trading options, including dynamic assets like these, highlights the exchange’s commitment to providing diverse and profitable opportunities for its users. 

Looking at a token with high trading volumes, Binance seeks to consolidate fee collection, essential as the main source of revenue.