DeFinder Capital (DFC). Best Altcoin for 2024? DFC Token Price Prediction

Today, you can see more and more references to the DeFinder Capital (DFC) project in the crypto media and among the most respected crypto bloggers. You have probably come across the name DeFinder and the ticker DFC if you follow the updates on TON in any way. Everyone is talking about DeFinder and its token DFC, which is up almost 3700% since the beginning of the year. What is this project and why is everyone talking about it? Should we expect more tokens from this project? 

If Coinmarketcap is to be believed, the project is now second in the TON ecosystem in terms of capitalization (just behind TON itself). Against the background of the increased interest, we make a big review. We will cover the key questions:

  • What is DeFinder Capital (DFC)?
  • Is it worth buying DFC tokens? 
  • Is the price of DFC at $5 realistic?
  • What are the prospects of the DeFinder project?

We delve deeply into the complexities of the DeFinder project, DFC token with goals beyond basic utility and the potential to become the center of an intricate environment, is at the center of this story. Buckle up! This is a ride to the future!

What is DeFinder Capital (DFC)?

DeFinder is the largest DAO on TON and claims to be one of the blue chips of the ecosystem. DFC is an ecosystem management token that is also used in the Arraken game, DeWallet and other ecosystem products. Given the scale of the DAO’s plans, utility options could proliferate in the future.

DFC – utility token of DeFinder Capital, is a digital asset that defies conventional categories. This is where the tale of the platform starts. DFC is a leader on the TON blockchain, and is already in the top 500 altcoins on CoinMarketCap. 

What are the utilities of DFC? Token is the foundation of a vast digital finance system with over 100 services integrated into the TON blockchain, making it more than just a medium of exchange. Understanding DFC’s history requires appreciating how interwoven its ecosystem is, with the token acting as a conduit for a wide range of services, each of which is essential to the overall picture of decentralized finance.

DFC is currently one of the leaders of the TON ecosystem in terms of TVL, their token trades on MEXC and top dex at 10x of launch, and is also integrated into Telegram @wallet. Amidst their growing popularity came rumors of ties to Binance and DWF Labs.

But the key question is: Why is DFC better than other tokens in the cryptocurrency space? There are many rumors and speculations of a close relationship with the TON Foundation and the notable developers of Notcoin and TON. On the Internet you can find a huge number of publications by major influencers, as well as foreign insiders, analyzing and looking for facts about DeFinder’s involvement with TON.

One of the facts that appeared recently – direct transfers from the head of TON Foundation to the account of DeFinder Capital – more than 20000$. And this is only the surface. It is obvious that TON and Pavel Durov himself (founder of Telegram) support the project, but they do it very carefully. Durov’s influence looks to be still ongoing as TON actively promotes DFC on all of its platforms. 

Let’s try to understand – why does he need it? Do you remember how Solana promoted its internal Doge/Bonk projects, which increased the number of new users? Now the TON blockchain uses the same mechanisms and promotes internal projects, including DeFinder, to attract as many new users as possible. And the TON team is doing a great job, because Binance Labs and market maker DWF Labs are already interested in the project, and these are some of the main companies in the crypto market for pumping ecosystems.

The comparison that was made between TON and Solana raises questions because it suggests that initiatives like DFC, Notcoin, and Arbuz are part of a planned strategy to expand the digital currency landscape. Could DFC serve as the ultimate catalyst for a TON comeback?

DFC Price Forecast. Exponential growth?

An important part of the DeFinder ecosystem is the DFC token. Currently, the token is traded on MEXC and on the top DEX exchanges on TON (at TLV over 1 million on DeDust and over 1 million on The developers also indicate that a listing on several other major exchanges is expected in the near future.

A unique aspect of DFC is that the team holds only 10% of the Total Value Locked (TVL) for reserves. Furthermore, half of the TVL is set aside for upcoming airdrops, keeping the community engaged and looking forward to new updates. At the moment, the price of DFC stands at $2.63, with a trading volume of $2,805,080 over the last 24 hours. It is ranked #475 on CoinMarketCap and has a total maximum supply of 200 million DFC coins. The token has not grown yet, the capitalization is small, the volume is constantly growing. There is still a reserve for a good profit. Moreover, there is a lot of on-chain activity, with market leaders entering the project.

A fascinating narrative emerges when we look into the future via the trading charts of DFC. Indicators point to a latent potential that is ready to be released despite its current modest valuation. Purchase signals show a noticeable flutter, suggesting a token with significant development potential. DFC’s trading volume has surpassed 2 million on platforms such as MEXC, indicating a strong inflow of capital and the trust of investors.


Navigating the blockchain universe requires an understanding of the sentiment in the media and among experts. Significant experts and influencers have taken notice of DFC because they see its potential to be a revolutionary force on the TON blockchain. These insights go beyond simple promotion and explore the direct relationships between DeFinder and TON, emphasizing important details on Durov’s project involvement.

One of the major factors that underpin this optimistic success of DFC is an outstanding team. The impressive and impactful line-up, ties with TON, its affiliation with Telegram, and many more deep connections make DFC stand high in the realm of cryptocurrency. DeFinder is promoted in all internal TON projects, and the token can already be purchased in Telegram’s native @wallet.

DFC’s brains are not only confined to the price action but are also committed to building a healthy community with harmony and unity. Keeping its most connections in sight, DFC also plans to introduce  NFT playable characters, fusing NFT integration and purchasable exclusivity to further develop the utility of its token.

This story is lubricated by speculations of a three-to four-fold increase, which would put DFC in the highly competitive $5 to $10 price bracket. The group of users continues to expand, the trends are aligning, and collaborations with leading exchanges are inevitable. Currently, DFC is a blank canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of broad acceptance and acknowledgment.

Why DFC Will Grow And Reach The $10, $50, $100 

  1. Strongest team: the project is supported by the TON Foundation and the Telegram team. If the insider information is confirmed that the TON ecosystem will be supported by DFC, the price will show new growth.
  2. The top market maker (DWF Labs, as rumors tell) supports the price of the project. Now the token is clearly in the area of accumulation, large capital is buying, we can wait for the exit from the zone, at least $5 target price.
  3. The community is constantly growing (already 500k in the Telegram channel), these are investors/traders/developers who buy the token, participate in the development, and drive the project forward. 
  4. Many products within the ecosystem that are already firing – Arbuz, Kingy, Betty, Arraken
  5. Own DFC Fund – a product that develops the ecosystem and DFC, and builds reputation both in the TON community and in the crypto market as a whole. There are no analogs of this service on the market.

Where and How to Buy DFC Tokens

knowing where and how to obtain DFC tokens is crucial for investors who are prepared to join the DeFinder cosmos. The project has gained traction as evidenced by its carefully crafted listings on reputable exchanges, such as MEXC

DFC can be obtained via several methods, including MEXC, Dedust, and, and even directly on Telegram by using the @wallet function. For a wide variety of investors, accessibility and convenience are ensured by the availability of several channels. 

DFC purchase links: 

DeFinder Capital (DFC) Ecosystem

DFC has 10+ in-house projects, including wallet, VPN, donate service, and more. Going beyond DFC, we peel back the layers of the DeFinder ecosystem and find a tapestry of different services and products weaved together. The project’s dedication to user experience is demonstrated by the safe cryptocurrency wallet DeWallet. 

DeFinder is also working hard on a telegram-based game – ARRAKKEN PLANET @ArrakkenPlanet_bot ( ArrakkenPlanet is a Telegram mini-game with a built-in DFC farming and referral system. You can farm up to 2% interest per week and get DFC tokens for free.

While playing, you farm DFC tokens and try to beat other players. There is an in-game fee during the game, but the team doesn’t collect it, they burn it. The supply of DFC tokens is constantly decreasing and it becomes deflationary.

DeFinder stands out for its dedication to openness, which is demonstrated by its plan and the lack of complicated whitepapers. The group’s choice to give up more supply and reduce their ownership to 10% demonstrates its commitment to honesty and long-term viability. The opportunity is at the intersection of innovation and community-driven momentum for investors hoping to board the DFC rocket ship.

DFC is more than just a token; with a community of over 500,000 people, it is an initiative driven by people who are enthusiastic about the potential of decentralized finance. For those looking to invest in the future of blockchain, the roadmap, the DFC Fund, which supports creative projects, and the smooth integration with systems like Telegram’s native wallet increase the appeal.

Is it worth buying DFC token (DeFinder Capital)? 

The team hints at future listings on Bitget, BingX, OKX, Kucoin, and even Binance/Bybit. If these expectations become a reality, it will be a good reason for increased trading volume and a new price ATH of $10+ for DFC. Therefore, the conservative scenario is a 50 to 100 percent growth of the token, depending on the actions of the team and the large holders who control the coin.

And in the long term, if DeFinder becomes a top-1 in the TON ecosystem and stands the test of time, the DFC token could reach $50 and possibly even $100. The project has already made investors a lot of money. There are huge prospects for further growth, so we definitely recommend keeping an eye on the project and the news surrounding it. Therefore, based on the existing data, it seems most likely that DeFinder Capital will be among the projects with a $100M market cap very soon. DFC is the token that will give you a huge profit in the long run.