Kusama Announces BEEFY Upgrade, Pioneering Interoperability with Ethereum and Beyond

In a significant development for the blockchain community, Kusama, known as Polkadot’s canary network, has unveiled a groundbreaking consensus protocol called BEEFY. This new upgrade is set to revolutionize the interoperability landscape by enabling seamless blockchain verification with Ethereum and other EVM-compatible networks.

BEEFY stands out as a monumental advancement for Kusama, empowering the network to efficiently verify the cryptographic state of its own chain and all associated parachains on some of the most utilized blockchains across the globe. The launch of this protocol is a pivotal step in diminishing the barriers between Kusama and the extensive blockchain ecosystem, thereby enhancing connectivity and interaction—a vision long harbored by Polkadot’s creators.

Seun Lanlege, Founder of Polytope Labs, a leading blockchain research, and development lab, expressed his enthusiasm for the upgrade: “The BEEFY upgrade massively bolsters the value of interacting with Kusama and the Polkadot ecosystem. More than ever, Web3 users covet interoperable solutions and the ability to move from one ecosystem to another without encountering friction. I expect this upgrade to meet their expectations.”

Next-Gen Blockchain Interoperability

Central to the BEEFY upgrade are two pioneering bridges that promise to redefine the concept of blockchain interoperability. Snowbridge, tagged as a “common good bridge,” establishes a direct connection between Kusama and Ethereum, improving the flow of information and transactions. Meanwhile, Hyperbridge opens a new realm of possibilities by providing secure interoperability with Ethereum’s fragmented Layer-2 networks and other emerging chains. These bridges are expected to catalyze a more unified and efficient blockchain environment for users worldwide.


The BEEFY protocol is not just a technical enhancement; it represents the culmination of a vision set forth in the Polkadot whitepaper back in 2016. This vision envisaged a highly interoperable, multi-chain framework capable of communicating as effectively with external blockchains as it does within its own network of parachains.

The broader implications of BEEFY for the crypto community are immense. By integrating this protocol, Kusama not only fosters new avenues for crypto trading and business across Polkadot parachains but also advances the entire technology of the Polkadot ecosystem. This leap is a significant stride toward realizing a more interconnected and seamless blockchain world.

Kusama’s initiative to activate this new consensus protocol follows a series of efforts to connect the Polkadot ecosystem with the larger blockchain landscape. Trustless bridges, some supported by Web3 Foundation Grants like Interlay, are already facilitating the transfer of assets, data, and smart contract instructions between Polkadot and other major networks, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Cardano, and Binance Smart Chain.

As a Substrate-based network, Kusama serves as a bold, experimental platform allowing for rapid innovation and development, often acting as a precursor to its more conservative counterpart, Polkadot. With the launch of BEEFY, Kusama reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the blockchain space, breaking down the centralized barriers and fostering a new era of digital connectivity and innovation.