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Justin Sun publishes the screenshot of his $1.6 billion HTX wallet in Bitcoin

Justin Sun showed with a simple screenshot to own in his wallet HTX the modest amount of 1.6 billion dollars in Bitcoin. The tweet aims to demonstrate that the founder of Tron, in addition to being a consultant for HTX, is also a user of the crypto-exchange. 

Justin Sun and his HTX wallet containing 1.6 billion dollars in Bitcoin

Justin Sun, founder of Tron and advisor of the crypto-exchange HTX, wanted to publish a tweet with the screenshot of his wallet HTX containing 1.6 billion dollars in Bitcoin.

“The balance of my personal HTX account (only for those who say I am not using much HTX) @HTX_Global. Personally, I use almost all major exchanges and am a supporter of such exchanges. However, if someone were to say that I rarely use http://HTX.com, it would be inaccurate. I am a heavy user of HTX. My personal use of HTX is the same as all HTX users: believe and trade.”

Basically, this seems to be Sun’s response to rumors claiming that he, consultant of the crypto-exchange HTX, is not a user. And indeed, quite frankly, Sun seems to have posted this tweet to prove otherwise.

According to him, the screenshot shows his HTX wallet, which contains about 28,614 bitcoins, worth approximately 1.6 billion dollars at current prices.

Justin Sun: the consultant of HTX who shows the wallet with $1.6 billion in Bitcoin

The idea that Sun has more than a billion dollars in BTC will not surprise those who have followed his fluctuating career as an aspiring cryptocurrency magnate. 

And indeed, once again, Sun wanted to show some numbers from his wallet to demonstrate that he is a user of the HTX crypto-exchange, previously called Huobi. 

Last September, as a consultant, Sun had used X to talk about the crypto-hack suffered by HTX, which had lost 5000 ETH, the equivalent of 8 million dollars.

In his series of tweets, Sun wanted to reassure the users of the crypto-exchange, ensuring that they had managed to cover the losses and get the platform back up and running.

Not only that, Sun would have shared the ethereum addresses associated with the hacker and his proposal of a $400,000 white hat reward for the hacker, if he had decided to return the stolen money.

Later, in the month of October, it seems that the proposal has been accepted by the hacker who returned all the funds, receiving in exchange his white hat bonus.

The rebranding of Huobi under the guidance of the visionary Sun

It was September 2023, when Huobi was implementing its rebranding to HTX, with the mission of making its international identity.

At the same time, the crypto-exchange had decided to put the visionary Justin Sun at its helm, with the aspiration of transcending the image of the Chinese crypto-exchange. 

And so, at the media meeting during Token 2049 in Singapore, Sun had illustrated HTX’s ambitious global expansion plans, stating that Huobi had already obtained seven licenses in various jurisdictions around the world.