With $2M Raised In Presale Crypto Leaders Are Choosing BlockDAG Over Litecoin and Rebel Satoshi 

Litecoin’s price has hit the bullish reversal trend, while the Rebel Satoshi presale is slated to end on Feb 29th. In the meantime, BlockDAG presale raised $2 million in batch 2 and aims to hit $600 million by the end of 2024, which is believable after the massive success in the past few weeks turning investors heads toward BlockDAG’s presale over Litecoin and Rebel Satoshi, Will BlockDAG be the top crypto assets in 2024? 

Litecoin Price Broke Above the Resistance

Litecoin price has shown a significant surge on the chart following a short time of buying and selling in a negative sample, suggesting that there is a chance for a bullish reversal in the market. In addition, Litecoin price gained more than 5% during the previous day, placing it among the day’s top gainers.

Litecoin’s price fluctuated between $71.76 and $745.30 for a few weeks, but the bulls eventually broke above the resistance level. The value faced resistance at $77.29, then moved sideways for a while. 

On the other hand, if a pattern reversal occurs, the bulls will fail and drop to the support level. In addition, the value of Litecoin will combine to test its lower support level of $66.11 throughout the coming week if the market trades under a bearish influence. 

Rebel Satoshi Presale is Wrapping Up

The ongoing Rebel Satoshi presale for a new meme coin project is almost over. Rebel Satoshi (RBLZ) meme coin seeks to create an ecosystem with concepts of community involvement, decentralisation, and rebellion at its core. The project’s main components are an interactive P2E game and an NFT marketplace. 

Owners of RBLZ will be able to trade NFT items, participate in a P2E game, and receive staking rewards. According to the whitepaper tons of unique NFTs will be stored in the Rebel Vault.

BlockDAG Expected to Be The Top Crypto Asset in 2024

BlockDAG’s fantastic achievement in raising $2 million during its Batch 2 presale proves its early investors’ unwavering trust and support. This accomplishment emphasizes the project’s feasibility and the community’s expectation of future possibilities. 

Also, BlockDAG garnered during the presale batch as a viable investment possibility that may attract further funding as it progresses through later batches. Presale success validates the project’s legitimacy and generates a feeling of urgency among possible backers, generating favorable momentum that can significantly influence the project’s long-term success. 


Early supporters of BlockDAG Coin stand to gain 50x their investment at the platform’s official launch, making it an attractive alternative to Litecoin and Rebel Satoshi. BDAG coin is now selling at 0.0015 during batch 2 of the presale; crypto experts say the value will increase when listed on major exchanges like KuCoin, CoinEx, Gate.io, and Bitget.

In conclusion, the various revenue streams that BlockDAG provides—from Coin Investment Strategy to Mobile Mining Convenience and Dedicated Miner Units—highlight this earning potential even more. 

In addition, the range of alternatives offers a complete approach to optimizing returns while accommodating investors with varying risk tolerances and preferences. Investors are offered a compelling opportunity to profit from the project’s growth and potential market dominance, backed by the team behind BlockDAG and a defined path.

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