The Rise of Bitgert Coin: Studying its Higher Returns Than Ethereum

Cryptocurrency, once viewed as just another fad not meant for the long term, has now become more of a norm than an exception worldwide. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, is now a hit, touching $62k this week and is expected to touch that number by this year end itself.

Ethereum has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin in the past. This article will discuss how Ethereum’s price has performed over the last few days.

Ethereum Price Analysis

This was first explained in 2013 in a research paper by Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum was launched with an Initial coin offering (ICO) price of $0.311. It has shot up to nearly $3500! This became famous due to its proof of stake working mechanism which was found to be much faster than the proof of work mechanism used by first ever digital currency known as bitcoin.

Ethereum is a programmable network meaning it can be used to create smart contracts which can self-execute thereby useful for creating decentralized applications like games and financial apps among others.

How Bitgert Coin price will Confidently Outperform Ethereum’s price

Firstly, it was built on BNB chain and since 2022 it is on BRC 20 blockchain using BNB as its native token. Bitgert enables its users to stake and earn rewards on BSC network hence having gas fee priced at $0.0000000000001 per transaction.


Bitgert also offers many benefits as compared to other coins like ETH for investors who use them to trade. One such characteristic which makes it unique or rather distinctive is that it is peer-to-peer network where there is no need for intermediaries during transactions.

Today’s investors are preferring Bitgert instead of Ethereum due to its stealthy rise in price. Proof-of-stake authority consensus mechanism also applies to it; it is a famous coin in cryptocurrency market these days. 


Once upon a time, Ethereum was considered as a coin of evolution when it was introduced into the crypto industry but now because of various factors, unluckily it’s not as popular as before.

Although Bitgert may be newer than Ethereum, the near zero gas fees and cross-chain transfer of cryptocurrencies at a higher rate has made its popularity grow. No wonder why it will outperform Ethereum soon, with its price rising steadily and the investors’ return on investment being the maximum for it.

For the highest return on your investment, you should definitely invest in Bitgert which most other investors do now.

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