Solving Interoperability for Popular Narratives with Entangle

The blockchain industry’s development over the past decade has followed an obvious cycle. Before every bull market, we have seen the development of new trends and narratives, and during the bull market, the strongest of these have broken into the top ranks of winners.

More recently, infrastructure stories that improve the blockchains themselves, rather than just presenting a service to the end user, have become relevant. Blockchain interoperability, oracles, and liquid derivatives for DeFi assets are  some of these key trends. 

One project that stands out among these narratives is Entangle. Let’s delve into the mechanics of how this project works and familiarize ourselves with its offerings.

Key takeaways:

  • Entangle is a pioneering blockchain infrastructure project that addresses the challenge of seamlessly connecting and integrating multiple blockchains, providing a versatile messaging infrastructure for web3.
  • The core idea of Entangle is to enhance liquidity and data accessibility across web3 by offering an omnichain messaging infrastructure that allows developers and decentralized applications to access authenticated, adaptable, and interoperable data securely anchored on the blockchain.
  • Operating as a central data communication hub, Entangle’s blockchain ensures minimal gas fees, rapid block confirmation times, and a three-layered architecture.
  • Entangle’s architecture is built on three solutions—Photon Messaging Protocol, Universal Data Feeds, and Liquid Vaults— enabling blockchain interoperability for decentralized application developers and providing scalable opportunities for applications through data availability from different blockchains and sources.
  • Entangle’s versatility allows it to fit seamlessly into several narratives within the blockchain industry, adapting to trends and demands by offering solutions for Real World Assets (RWA), GameFi, Restaking, AI, DePin, LSDFi, and more.
  • Backed by well-known crypto VC funds and featuring partnerships with major blockchains, Entangle’s ecosystem spans 14 blockchains and over 50 decentralized applications, showcasing its widespread adoption and adaptability.
  • At the heart of Entangle’s ecosystem lies the NGL token, playing a pivotal role in facilitating infrastructure operations; it is set to launch soon, offering various utilities such as staking options, gas fee coverage, and participation in fundraising through a recent token sale.

What is Entangle and What Are The Problems it Solves?

Entangle introduces a pioneering messaging infrastructure tailored to bridge the gap between web3 technologies while enhancing ecosystem liquidity. It offers developers and decentralized applications (dApps) the ability to access authenticated, adaptable, and interoperable data, securely anchored on the blockchain. Users can fully customize security settings to meet their needs.

At its core, Entangle lays the groundwork for boosting liquidity and expanding the reach of any application connected across various blockchains. Thanks to its ability to pull customizable datasets from any blockchain or source, Entangle unlocks a wide range of scalable opportunities for both web3 and the broader internet landscape.

Funds and Backers

Entangle is backed by several well-known crypto VC funds, such as Big Brain Holdings, Launchcode Capital and Cogitent Ventures. The project raised $4 million in funding back in 2023.

Entangle Token

Entangle’s ecosystem is fueled by the NGL token, playing a pivotal role in facilitating the Entangle infrastructure and granting users access to tangible yields.

NGL tokens offer various utilities, including:

  • Staking options for both Delegators and Infrastructure Providers involved with Transmitter Agents.
  • Staking opportunities for Validators or Delegators within the Entangle Blockchain.
  • Utilization within connected applications on the Entangle platform.
  • Covering gas fees associated with transactions on the Entangle Blockchain.

Entangle recently held a token sale, raising $1,450,000 from public investors in two rounds: one exclusive to Webverse holders ($1.35M) and another FCFS sale to whitelisted wallets ($100K). The TGE is scheduled for March 2024. 

Entangle’s Central Communications Hub

The Entangle Blockchain operates as a central communication hub, overseeing the storage, verification, and processing of data. It boasts minimal gas fees and rapid block confirmation times, completing operations on the Entangle platform efficiently and cost-effectively within a timeframe of under 3 seconds.

Builders within the Entangle ecosystem can employ spotter contracts on the blockchain. These contracts act as decision-making entities, generating specific operations based on input data or the current state of their respective Protocol.

To achieve EVM compatibility, the Ethermint Library is utilized, enabling the deployment of smart contracts written in Solidity on the Entangle Blockchain. This integration ensures seamless interoperability with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

There are 3 Layers in the Entangle Blockchain:

  • Application Layer: This layer plays a crucial role in decoding, ensuring correctness, and redirecting messages to their designated modules.
  • Tendermint Core Layer: Leveraging the Tendermint Consensus Algorithm, this layer establishes peer-to-peer connections among validators, enabling them to achieve consensus on the creation of new blocks.
  • Modules Layer: The list of modules is presented below.
Module nameDescription
Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)Facilitates staking for Validators and Delegators.
BankingSending and receiving assets on Entangle Blockchain.
GOV ModuleChanges to blockchain parameters, addition of new Validators, Distributors or Agents.
Auth ModuleAllows authorized entities to launch smart contracts on Entangle Blockchain.
IBC ModuleFacilitates communication with Cosmos-based Chains.
Distributor ModuleA database of authorized Distributors added through the GOV Module.
EVM ModuleHosts smart contracts deployed on Entangle Blockchain such as the Controller. Provides composability between Entangle Blockchain and EVM Infrastructure such as Metamask, Hardhat, and Truffle.
Vesting ModuleFacilitates vesting of $NGL Tokens.


What Was Entangle Built For? 

The blockchain industry has come a long way in over 10 years. Currently valued at more than $2 trillion, the industry is much more than just a collection of coins. Blockchain is first and foremost about massive amounts of data, which must be properly processed to create value. Interoperability is important, where different users can act on different blockchains quickly and completely. One of the biggest challenges is to seamlessly connect and integrate dozens of blockchains with both on-chain and off-chain data flows. To achieve this, there is the additional challenge of organically connecting all Web2 and Web3 data and assets at the backend.

This is the challenge Entangle addresses by providing a seamless user experience on the blockchain. By reducing the complexity of using blockchains and increasing the efficiency of development and interoperability, several innovative solutions are being used.

Scaling Point: Entangle’s Architecture

Entangle is based on 3 solutions to enable blockchain interoperability for decentralized application developers:

  • Photon Messaging Protocol
  • Data Feeds
  • Liquid Vaults

These solutions provide easier scalability to applications through the availability of data from different blockchains and sources, including web2.

In particular, this diversification of core solutions allows Entangle to be broadly applicable in different areas of web3, thus fitting into several narratives of the current market.

Photon Messaging Protocol: an Omnichain Messaging Bet

Photon Messaging Protocol is a versatile tool designed for fully customizable and secure omnichain communication across EVM and non-EVM networks. Within this framework, sophisticated components, namely Executor Agents and Receiver Agents, play a pivotal role in ensuring security while providing extensive flexibility over consensus parameters and other critical aspects. 

Photon Messaging Protocol’s application spans various use cases, including managing omnichain assets including stablecoins, facilitating cross-chain swaps, establishing trustless bridging, enabling smart contract automation, and much more.

Operating as a central hub for execution pathways, Entangle’s blockchain empowers developers to deploy logic and smart contracts seamlessly. This deployment facilitates interaction with data, allowing developers to customize it based on unique data delivery needs. In essence, Photon Messaging Protocol serves as a foundational tool for efficient and secure omnichain communication, offering developers a comprehensive solution to tailor their projects.

To learn more about the Photon Messaging Protocol architecture, check out the Documentation.

Universal Data Feeds: an Oracle Bet

Universal Data Feeds is an economical and efficient data infrastructure designed to support a wide array of on-chain and off-chain sources. This system ensures low-latency and high-security access to data, facilitating its seamless querying and delivery to smart contracts. The incorporation of embedded logic further enhances the overall efficiency of the process.

The practical applications of Data Feeds serve to enhance a variety of narratives in crypto, including Real World Assets (RWAs), omnichain GameFi, asset pricing, loan collateralization, on-chain derivatives, and the support of the native Liquid Vaults application. By offering a cost-effective and secure solution, Universal Data Feeds serves as a reliable tool for projects requiring streamlined access to data for both on-chain and off-chain functionalities.

Liquid Vaults: Enhancing DeFi Liquidity

Liquid Vaults is Entangle’s first native application, designed to empower users in the creation of Composable Derivatives Tokens (CDTs) based on yield-bearing assets. This innovative approach aims to augment liquidity and optimize returns, presenting a progressive step in the evolution of on-chain assets. Notably, these CDTs are seamlessly composable within the broader DeFi landscape.

This application brings several advantages to users, including capital efficiency through refinancing while maintaining earnings on the underlying positions. Additionally, decentralized applications (dApps) experience enhanced liquidity retention and access to new liquidity sources. The broader ecosystem benefits from increased protocol liquidity sharing capabilities. In essence, Liquid Vaults stands as a practical tool within the Entangle ecosystem, fostering enhanced liquidity dynamics and composability in decentralized finance.

Other Products

Entangle’s product line also includes other products, one of the most notable of which is Entangle’s VRF (e-VRF). It is a solution that provides highly secure, verifiable, and unpredictable numbers that are used for projects necessitating varying degrees of randomness. The tool is based on Entangle’s Universal Data Feeds and Photon Messaging. On-chain applications of e-VRF span diverse use cases, encompassing gaming, NFTs, gambling, generative art, and a wide array of other applications. This tool serves as a reliable and secure resource for projects seeking dependable randomness in their processes.

Some other products powered by Entangle Webverse utility NFTs and the Borpa omnichain meme token.

In Epicenter of Narratives

What makes a project successful in a bull market? A fit for multiple narratives! This is Entangle’s strong point. In addition to the Entangle product line, there’s Entangle Labs, an incubator and R&D arm of Entangle that works to execute and deliver innovative technology products focused on interoperability, data, smart contracts, AI, and more. 

Entangle Labs helps build the Entangle ecosystem by supporting developers using Entangle’s services. It is currently incubating several projects that belong to different narratives, and members of the Entangle community will have exclusive access to, including Webverse, Borpa, ZeroSum, and more.

Entangle Labs’ diverse list of partners includes Web2 and Web3 companies working on in-demand and relevant products. With its core solutions, Entangle Labs aims to foster the development of projects from various niches, including Real World Assets (RWA), GameFi, Restaking, DePin, LSDFi, and more.

Moreover, Entangle’s use cases are not limited to the current narrative landscape. Web3 infrastructure services are easily adaptable to market conditions: whatever the trend, interoperability and oracles will be in demand. Don’t forget the growing adoption of blockchains, which will also benefit the use of Entangle’s services.

Entangle’s Diverse Ecosystem

The success of a blockchain infrastructure project is determined by its usage. As Entangle develops tools for web3 devs and dApps, a diverse list of enterprise users is essential. Fortunately, Entangle has been working to establish partnerships with major blockchains and projects in the crypto space.

Currently, the Entangle ecosystem includes 14 blockchains and over 50 dApps. The list of blockchains includes some of the most popular layer 1 and layer 2 networks: Arbitrum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Sui, Starknet, Linea, and more.

It’s worth noting that there are many leading native dApps in almost every popular category for the aforementioned blockchain: decentralized exchanges, GameFi projects, Real World Assets protocols, and other DeFi protocols.

The Bottom Line

Entangle stands out as a robust and adaptable blockchain infrastructure project, strategically positioned to navigate the intricacies of the evolving blockchain industry. Its comprehensive suite of tools and solutions, including the NGL token, diverse modules, and innovative products, underscores a commitment to addressing the diverse needs of developers, decentralized applications (dApps), and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

What sets Entangle apart is its ability to align with multiple narratives, ensuring relevance and utility across various market conditions. Whether it’s enhancing liquidity through Liquid Vaults, providing secure and verifiable randomness with e-VRF, or facilitating omnichain communication through the Photon Messaging Protocol, Entangle showcases a versatile approach to meeting the demands of a dynamic market.

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, Entangle’s commitment to scalability, adaptability, and real-world use cases positions it as a significant player, poised to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing narrative of web3 innovation and adoption.