Paybis On/Off-Ramp Is Now Available in Trezor

Paybis On/Off-Ramp Is Now Available in Trezor

Paybis announced a new collaboration with Trezor and to offer users a more secure way to buy and store cryptocurrency. “This collab is all about doubled security — our secure buying process now paired with Trezor’s unrivaled wallet protection,” Paybis states.

Paybis on/off-ramp is now integrated directly into the Trezor hardware wallet, giving users a seamless way to purchase crypto and have it automatically deposited into cold storage. It eliminates the need to first buy it on an exchange and then withdraw it to a separate wallet, streamlining the process while maintaining the highest security standards.

Users who bought crypto through Paybis between January 26-31, 2024, will enjoy a special reduced fee to celebrate this new addition to the Invity family.  

“We’re proud to have them as part of and the secure hardware wallet trading platform of Trezor Suite,” say Invity representatives in their blog post. Crypto buyers can sign up for Invity to unlock portfolio tracking and take advantage of reduced Paybis fees. 


“We’re happy to introduce — Invity’s new buy & sell partner,” announced Trezor on their Facebook page. The Paybis integration is now live for Trezor users, enabling seamless crypto purchases directly to their wallets. 

This integration and new partnership continue Paybis’ commitment to making cryptocurrency purchases easy and secure. Trezor and Invity users can now enjoy the benefits of Paybis’ seamless fiat gateway within their ultra-secure wallets.

About Paybis

Paybis is a leading fiat-to-crypto trading platform, enabling users worldwide to easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 150 other cryptocurrencies with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. Founded in 2014, Paybis brings simplicity, speed, and security to the crypto buying & selling process. For more information, visit

About Trezor

Trezor is the world’s first and most secure hardware wallet, providing cold storage for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 1,400 other blockchain assets. Founded in 2013, Trezor protects nearly one million customer wallets with its tamper-proof hardware and open-source firmware validated by third-party security audits. For more information, visit

About Invity is an easy-to-use crypto exchange rate comparison tool, offering users a secure 360-degree view of their holdings across exchanges, wallets, and DeFi platforms. Founded in 2019, Invity enables users to track, analyze, and optimize their crypto portfolios from a unified dashboard. For more information, visit