Wormhole, supported by Coinbase, launches 617 million tokens: a breakthrough for crypto users

In an innovative move that underlines its commitment to rewarding active participants and promoting community engagement in the crypto space, Wormhole, backed by Coinbase, has announced a massive airdrop of approximately 617 million $W tokens. 

This initiative, presented on Wednesday, is destined to go around the world of blockchain.

The crypto token airdrop by Wormhole under the watchful eye of Coinbase

The reason behind this generous airdrop, as explained by Wormhole, is to recognize and incentivize the invaluable contributions provided by users and developers of cross-chain applications within the Wormhole ecosystem, as well as community members who have played crucial roles in its development and vitality.

As highlighted by the organization in a recent blog post, this initiative symbolizes a sincere effort to foster a culture of appreciation and inclusion within its rapidly growing community.

It is remarkable that this airdrop constitutes a significant portion, about 6%, of the total token supply, demonstrating the extent of Wormhole’s commitment to rewarding its stakeholders.

The distribution will involve almost 400,000 wallets, with 500 million tokens allocated to users of the Wormhole ecosystem applications that span over 30 interconnected blockchains. 

Furthermore, an allocation of about 117 million tokens is dedicated to community users, including participants from various communities such as Wormhole Discord, various NFT communities, Monad community, and Pyth stakers.

This strategic move by Wormhole comes after the recent announcement on the tokenomics of the W token, which revealed a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens, with an initial circulating supply of 1.8 billion. 

These tokens are intended for various categories, including guardian nodes, community and launch initiatives, ecosystem and incubation efforts, key contributors, strategic network participants, and foundation treasury.

What are the goals of Wormhole?

Specifically, Wormhole took a snapshot of the activity on the chain on February 6 to determine eligibility for the airdrop, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution process. 

By leveraging a token-based governance system, Wormhole aims to empower $W token holders with the ability to actively shape the protocol’s trajectory, highlighting its commitment to decentralization and community-driven governance. 


After the launch, holders will have the opportunity to delegate their tokens, paving the way for active participation in key governance decisions that will shape the future of the protocol.

This milestone launch comes after Wormhole’s successful $225 million funding round in November, which brought the company to a valuation of $2.5 billion. 

Among the financiers stand out heavyweights in the sector such as Brevan Howard, Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital and Jump Trading, highlighting the broad recognition and support obtained by the protocol within the blockchain ecosystem.

In essence, Wormhole’s ambitious airdrop initiative highlights its constant commitment to promoting community participation, rewarding active contributors, and democratizing access to its thriving ecosystem. 

By encouraging commitment and giving users the opportunity to participate in the governance of the protocol, Wormhole is charting a bold path towards greater decentralization and inclusivity in the blockchain landscape.


In conclusion, Wormhole’s announcement of the monumental 617 million token airdrop marks a crucial moment in the evolution of decentralized finance.

By rewarding dedicated users and developers and promoting community involvement, Wormhole demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and decentralization. 

This initiative, together with the upcoming launch of the W token and innovative governance mechanisms, positions Wormhole at the forefront of blockchain innovation. 

As the ecosystem continues to expand and mature, Wormhole’s bold vision for democratized participation and empowerment sets a compelling precedent for the broader landscape of cryptocurrencies.

With its constant commitment to rewarding stakeholders and shaping the future of decentralized finance, Wormhole is ready to catalyze a new era of innovation and community-driven governance.