CyberConnect Unveils ‘Cyber’: The New Social Layer 2 Solution

In a significant development in the blockchain arena, CyberConnect has announced the launch of ‘Cyber,’ a groundbreaking Layer 2 (L2) solution, crafted explicitly for the social domain and poised to fuel mass adoption of Web3. Revealed through a tweet, the initiative is a collaborative effort powered by EigenLayer and Optimism, and in partnership with AltLayer.

Cyber emerges as the first modular L2 solution distinctly engineered for social engagement and widespread acceptance. It addresses the pressing need for a decentralized social framework that empowers user ownership and redistributes the value currently monopolized by Big Tech giants. By leveraging this new platform, Web3 aims to diversify beyond the dominant DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications, opening doors for broader user inclusion.

Identifying the Need

Existing blockchain-based social networks fall short of fostering genuine adoption due to subpar user experiences, exorbitant gas fees, and inadequate transaction throughput. Developers find themselves in a tight corner, struggling with blockchain architectures that don’t align with social functionalities. CyberConnect’s experience with projects like Link3.cyber and Mocaverse, which amassed over two million users and facilitated over 20 million transactions, underscores the unsustainable nature of current Web3 social models.

Cyber sets itself apart by focusing on scalability while maintaining alignment with Ethereum through EigenLayer. It boasts a formidable transaction capacity exceeding 100,000 per second at negligible gas costs. The platform introduces a novel dual staking mechanism involving ETH and its native CYBER tokens, enhancing network security and user engagement.

Aligning with the Optimism Superchain, Cyber pledges to provide comprehensive social infrastructure that transcends the limitations of isolated platforms. This commitment ensures users and developers can tap into the expansive onchain economy, fostering a more inclusive and interconnected digital ecosystem.

Cyber prioritizes user accessibility by integrating account abstraction under EIP-7560, simplifying the transition from Web2 to Web3 experiences. It further enhances security and convenience through native support for EIP-7212, allowing account management via passkeys or FaceID.

Fostering Economic Opportunities

Cyber is designed to create symbiotic economic environments where developers and users alike can thrive. Participants can generate yield through various means such as bridged ETH, LST, and LRT, share in protocol fees, and receive ecosystem rewards, creating a vibrant and sustainable community.

With Cyber, developers gain access to an enshrined social graph and CyberDB, a cost-efficient and high-performance decentralized storage service. These tools significantly reduce the barriers to creating and scaling social applications, enabling a 100-fold improvement in development efficiency.

The Cyber Sepolia Testnet is scheduled to go live next week, marking a pivotal step towards the platform’s full deployment, to be overseen by AltLayer. This launch is not merely a technical milestone but a beacon of change for the Web3 social landscape, promising a future where social networks are more inclusive, user-centric, and economically empowering.

Overall, CyberConnect’s launch of Cyber represents a critical inflection point in the evolution of Web3 social platforms. By addressing the core challenges of existing blockchain-based networks and introducing innovative solutions for scalability, user experience, and economic incentives, Cyber stands poised to redefine the social fabric of the digital age.