Investors Bullish on Cardano (ADA), Celestia (TIA), and KangaMoon (KANG) As Bull Market Nears Full Swing

With many tokens already being hyped in the crypto market, investors need to choose wisely for profitable returns. As such, experts usually look at key token metrics and predict whether it will surge or dump in the near future. Going by analysts’ predictions, Cardano (ADA), Celestia (TIA) and KangaMoon (KANG) are top crypto tokens investors should be looking at when making investment decisions ahead of the bull market. More details below.

KangaMoon Gives Investors 125% ROI As Project Rides On

While Cardano and Celestia are posting significant price improvements, KangaMoon is leveraging Web3 technology to redefine the meme coin market. Unlike other meme coins that rely on hype, KangaMoon is one of the top meme coins that has an actual utility that can shape its future trajectory. By creating a community of meme coin enthusiasts, KangaMoon will bring social-fi principles into P2E NFT gaming.

KangaMoon has different roles for different stakeholders. For players, they are to test their gaming skills against their counterparts and earn substantial profits by winning. Nonplayers will be able to speculate on the outcome of matches and get rewarded if they are correct. The project has witnessed an inflow of investors, with early investors pocketing 125% ROI.

The KangaMoon presale is still at an early stage, and some analysts have projected a 220% rally before the end of the presale. Investors can purchase the platform’s native token, KANG, which is sold for just $0.01125 and activate a 10% bonus. Having raised over $640,000 in the ongoing stage 3 of the presale, the future of KangaMoon looks bright.

The global play-to-earn NFT games market is estimated to be worth $3297.73 billion as of 2022 and KangaMoon is opening up the industry for average investors to join. Holders of KANG can earn more by participating in community activities such as commenting and sharing tweets that promote the project. With the meme coin market expected to rally in 2024, KangaMoon is one of the top meme coins to invest in now. 

Cardano (ADA) Skyrockets From $0.47 to $0.70 In One Month

Cardano (ADA) gained 10% on the 90-day trading chart to kick-start its journey to bullish sentiment. The Cardano bullish trend has continued into the monthly chart, with the token price appreciating by 38%. 


Although Cardano surged towards the $0.7 mark in the past month, the bear market has pushed down the token price below $0.7 in the past few days. However, with the Cardano market cap reaching a staggering $24B, analysts predict more positive price actions for the token in the coming weeks.`

Analysts Bullish On Celestia Despite Slight Bearish Challenge 

After a momentous rally on the 90-day trading chart, Celestia (TIA) has suffered a bit of decline, going down by a slight 2% in the past 30 days. While this may have caused some panic among investors, analysts remain upbeat about the chances of Celestia in the bull market.

Celestia bulls have fought back in recent weeks, with the token gaining slightly 3% while eyeing the $20 mark. Even at that, the Celestia market cap and trading volume, which has been declining in the past week, could become a barrier to the token’s ongoing resurgence. Meanwhile, analysts think the Celestia price will see significant leaps when the bull market reaches full swing.

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