OrbitPad Unveils ‘Orbit Token Deployer’ for Meme Token Releases

The well-known multi-chain launchpad “OrbitPad” has recently disclosed its latest development on its platform. The company has reportedly announced the release of “Orbit Token Deployer” to let consumer launch their meme tokens on ZKSYNC Era and BLAST L2. The company took to X to reveal the respective development.

OrbitPad’s Latest ‘Orbit Token Deployer’ Permits Users to Launch Their Meme Tokens

In its post, OrbitPad noted that the clients can get significant benefits from the latest project. It added that the users can elevate the value of their respective meme tokens. While providing details about this development, the firm mentioned that the respective service is completely free. In addition to this, the customers can leverage their convenient gateway to ZKSYNC and BLAST L2.

As per the platform, if the users do not possess any coding skills, they do not need to worry at all. It asserted that the company does not require much technical know-how or complex coding from the consumers. On the other hand, they just need to complete the required details. These details take into account the token name, the symbol, as well as the total supply thereof.

Users Can Launch Their Tokens Without Any Platform Charges

Providing the respective information would result in the launch of the token on ZKSYNC ERA and Blast L2. Apart from that, the firm brought to the front that another benefit that the users can get is that no platform charges are applied. In this way, the users will not need to spend a dime.

The firm clarified that it has a vision to strengthen creators. Along with that, people can unleash their creativity smoothly. Moreover, the platform invited the willing users to launch their exclusive meme tokens by using OrbitPad without any wait to join ZKSYNC ERA and BLAST.