Polygon Gets Position among Most Transformative Firms in Fast Company’s List

Polygon, an Ethereum-based L2, provides scaling technologies to speed up transfers and ease congestion. Recently, Fast Company (a prominent business media platform) has included Polygon among its exclusive list of the most transformative entities around the world in 2024. While expressing gratitude for this, Polygon took to its official X account and thanked its builders.

Fast Company’s New List Includes Polygon among the Top Transformative Platforms

Back in the year 2022, Polygon had a significant value of up to $2B. It has benefited from the convenient usage and dependability to allure a plethora of top corporate clients. The clients interested in blockchain-related services take into account Starbucks, Reddit, Nike, Meta, Disney, Adidas, and Adobe. Back in March last year, the firm started the Polygon ID service. It enabled the clients to validate their identity thereof.

To do so, they do not require the transmission of individual data to a 3rd party. They can utilize the cryptographic method or zero-knowledge proof in this respect. Its software speeds up the transfers and makes them economical as well as less complicated. Hence, the users can experience less complexity in comparison with directly using Ethereum. The firm can provide conventional businesses security as well as speed.

Along with these things, it also offers the inherent benefits of blockchain technology. Fast Company, shared an exclusive blog post on its official website, providing all these details. The usage of zero-knowledge proof is quite beneficial for client security. Moreover, the inclusion of cost-effective and rapid transactions is another attractive factor. These things play the role of a significant leap toward the industry’s future.

The Firm Wins and Maintains the Trust of Big Industry Players with Cutting-Edge Projects

Based on such developments, Polygon has attracted several prominent market players. It reportedly won the trust of Warner Music Group, Master, as well as Franklin Templeton last year. Franklin Templeton operates as a worldwide asset management company. The respective companies joined Polygon as its clients in line with its cutting-edge products.

As a result of this, Polygon made some further advancements including the establishment of the initial US-certified mutual fund. The purpose of developing the respective fund last April was to facilitate Franklin. This fund processed transfers along with recording share ownership with the use of a public blockchain.