BlockDAG $7.5M Presale Leads 2024’s Crypto Surge, Surpasses Bitget and Pikamoon

As the digital currency horizon expands, BlockDAG shines brightly, eclipsing both Bitget’s latest BWB token initiative and Pikamoon crypto’s fresh venture into the GameFi arena. Leveraging the advanced Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, BlockDAG introduces a level of scalability and speed unseen in the likes of Bitget and Pikamoon, establishing itself as a leading contender for the breakout crypto of 2024. Its dedication to sustainable mining practices, alongside a deeply engaged community, sets BlockDAG apart in a crowded field, with more than $7.5 million already raised in the presale batch 4.

Pikamoon Crypto: The Next Illuvium in GameFi’s Bull Run Horizon

Pikamoon crypto is setting the stage for a monumental surge in the GameFi sector, mirroring Illuvium’s success but with a fresh and innovative approach. Launched on top exchanges like Bitget, MEXC, and Uniswap on March 22nd, Pikamoon has quickly garnered attention with its unique play-to-earn model and NFT integration, offering gamers not just entertainment but lucrative earnings.

The CEX exchange listing and PIKA token claiming event mark significant milestones, enhancing visibility and accessibility for the growing community. Pikamoon’s vision to blend gaming with decentralized finance hints at a transformative future in crypto gaming, making it a prime investment in the approaching bull run.

Bitget Wallet’s BWB Launch: User Rewards with a $30M Boost

Bitget Wallet, after rebranding from BitKeep and securing a $30 million investment, is launching its native BWB token, aiming to enrich user engagement with a 1 billion token airdrop. Highlighting its dedication to community and ecosystem growth, Bitget Wallet allocates 5% of these tokens to active users, with rewards convertible in Q2 post-IEO.

This initiative enhances Bitget Wallet’s value proposition, offering governance participation, ecosystem airdrops, and rewards dividends to BWB holders. Achieving prominence in the Asia-Pacific region with over 19 million users, Bitget Wallet’s strategic developments, including partnerships for enhanced payment accessibility, underscore its leadership in the digital wallet space and its commitment to user benefits.

BlockDAG: The Premier Breakout Crypto of 2024 

BlockDAG, emerging as the breakout crypto of 2024, has demonstrated unparalleled potential and innovation in the blockchain space, setting a new benchmark that far surpasses offerings by Bitget and Pikamoon. With a staggering $7.5 million already raised in its presale phase and an ambitious target of $600 million by year’s end, BlockDAG showcases a promising trajectory for investors.

Unlike Bitget’s recent launch of BWB tokens with a $30M investment plan or Pikamoon’s entry into the GameFi sector, BlockDAG’s unique Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure offers superior scalability and transaction speed, positioning it as the breakout crypto of 2024.

This technological prowess, coupled with its eco-conscious mining solutions and a 50% potential return for early investors in its rapidly advancing fourth batch, underscores BlockDAG’s superior investment appeal. The project’s strategic emphasis on transparency and community involvement, including a lucrative 10% referral bonus, further cements its status.


With just 800M coins available and expectations for a swift sell-out, BlockDAG not only promises significant returns but also redefines blockchain innovation. As the breakout crypto of 2024, BlockDAG is poised to outperform and offer more lucrative profit chances than both Bitget and Pikamoon, making it a standout choice for discerning investors.

Know Your Optimal Option

BlockDAG asserts its dominance as the optimal investment choice, eclipsing both Bitget and Pikamoon crypto with its innovative DAG structure, substantial presale achievement, and forward-thinking strategies. Its commitment to scalability, environmental sustainability, and community engagement offers a compelling case for its breakout status in 2024. With a targeted $600 million by year’s end and a potential 50% return for early investors, BlockDAG not only promises unprecedented returns but also heralds a new era of blockchain technology, making it the definitive choice for discerning investors.

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