A New Crypto Spot Trading Tool Joins The Market – B2Trader Brokerage Platform

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The crypto market is experiencing outstanding growth, with its major coins, BTC and ETH, skyrocketing to all-time highs. Demand is at its peak as more crypto brokers join the race to gain as much as possible. 

Together with this boom, B2Broker has released a new product for brokers, fueling the investors’ incentives for more trading tools and gain opportunities.

B2Trader is the latest release by the leading liquidity and technology provider, which has reportedly been in the works for over a year to meet and exceed expectations. So, what is this new tool? And how does it benefit businesses? Let’s explore.

class="wp-block-heading" id="h-b2trader-brokerage-platform-what-is-it">B2Trader Brokerage Platform – What is it?

B2Trader, or BBP, is a crypto spot trading tool that allows brokerage firms of all types to offer spot trading for a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. It is a perfect solution for exchanges and retail brokers to expand their offerings and allow their investors to capitalise from the thriving crypto market.

B2Broker offers this crypto solution as an expansion of its liquidity and payment technologies, investing a whopping $5 million to fine-tune B2Trader’s crypto spot trading tool. So, who can use it?

B2Trader Use Cases

BBP powers crypto brokers and exchanges, as well as non-crypto institutions. Existing firms can add this tool seamlessly to their platforms, while newly established companies can launch their spot trading software within one week.

Crypto Brokerage Software

Trading platforms that offer crypto CFDs, Derivatives, OTC and peer-to-peer transactions can expand their offerings by adding B2Trader and start providing spot trading opportunities with various cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Most brokerage firms that offer Bitcoin investments deal with derivatives and CFD contracts, which do not really entail the physical ownership of the coin. Thus, B2Trader offers the perfect solution for brokers to attract more investors and crypto traders who prefer physically buying and storing cryptocurrencies.

Traditional Financial Markets

Forex, stocks, bonds, commodities, and metals are established securities, and a plethora of operators and brokers offer trading opportunities on these products. B2Trader expands this range by adding a new segment of cryptocurrency spot trading.

BBP is a sophisticated trading tool that contributes to the broker’s strategic planning and targeting, allowing them to acquire and retain more clients, including crypto enthusiasts and digital communities.

Non-Yrading Financial Institutions

B2Trader goes beyond brokerage firms, allowing payment providers, financial institutions and banks to obtain a competitive advantage over their competitors. BBP solution allows these entities to facilitate crypto transactions and settlements and offer relevant services to brokerage and trading firms.


Liquidity Providers & Market Makers

These two market participants are key components in the financial market, increasing the supply of assets and making trading efficient. Adding the B2Trader tool elevates these companies’ offerings, improving the crypto trading markets and offering the best spread range.

Impressive Design & Powerful Capabilities

B2Trader is designed to process 3,000 requests per second and execute orders within one millisecond, making it an ultra-fast crypto brokerage platform.

B2Broker’s CEO highlighted the hard work and dedication put into developing this tool, “We poured 18 months of hard work and $5 million into B2Trader. BBP is built by our dedicated in-house team of 40 engineers, each contributing to a solution that truly meets the demands of today’s brokers. In the next 12 months, we are planning to double the team and enhance our offerings even further!”.

This statement is sensible, given the huge tech stack supporting the platform and the wide range of digital assets spanning over 3,000 crypto instruments and opportunities to make the most out of decentralised spot trading.

Supported By The Most Advanced Technology

Looking at the technical backend of things, B2Trader is supported by the most advanced programming, security, and scalability tools. Hosted on Amazon Web Services and secured by Cloudflare. Additionally, the platform receives market updates from TradingView and structures huge datasets using Amazon Redshift and MongoDB.

Highly Integratable & Scalable

B2Trader supports various integration tools using APIs, making it compatible with most CRMs, crypto wallets, back-office management tools and automation algorithms. It uses REST and FIX APIs to power interoperability with other servers and white label products.

Also, integrated with Marksman, a crypto liquidity distribution engine, B2Trader streamlines administration and ensures market updates with the latest data. With Marksman, crypto brokers swiftly link to top exchanges by inputting API credentials after opening an account. This allows brokers to create diverse liquidity pools from various exchanges, assign specific execution and routing rules, and establish failover protocols for both the pairs and the liquidity pools.


B2Trader Brokerage Platform is a statement of the ongoing market demands amidst the increasing trends in cryptocurrencies and spot trading. B2Trader can be used as a turnkey solution or can be integrated with any CRM via REST API, allowing them to expand their range of services and convert more clients.

The advanced tech stack and execution model behind this solution gives brokers a competitive edge in the market, enabling them to capitalise on the growing market trends and appeal to a new category of investors. 


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