and Avata Unveil Tokenized Travel Insurance, in collaboration with Avata, has announced the launch of what they describe as the world’s first tokenized travel insurance. This development represents an interesting advancement in blockchain technology application, aiming to bring enhanced flexibility, security, and personalization to the travel and insurance industries.

Travel Insurance with Blockchain is a native Web3 Hotel Booking Platform that leverages blockchain technology to offer a revolutionary approach to booking travel. The platform allows users to connect cryptocurrency wallets, such as Metamask and Coinbase Wallet, to their accounts. Unlike traditional platforms, it utilizes NFTs. Each search and booking by a user becomes a unique non-fungible token. These NFTs enable the transfer of bookings in the future and add extra layers of utility.

The introduction of tokenized travel insurance, tied to an Insurance NFT rather than an individual, represents a significant step towards decentralization. As such, this strategy allows NFT holders extraordinary control over their travel insurance, marking a transition to more adaptable and secure insurance solutions.

The Camino Network, a blockchain specifically designed for the travel industry’s needs, supports the development of this tokenized insurance product. Moreover, its robust and secure infrastructure ensures the reliability of this novel insurance product, meeting the modern traveller’s dynamic requirements.

From Conceptualization to Collaboration

According to the announcement, the idea for tokenized travel insurance originated during the Travel Unchained conference in Mallorca in October, laying the groundwork for the collaboration between and Avata. Michael Ros, CEO and Founder of, remarked, “The inception of the world’s first tokenized travel insurance with Avata showcases our unwavering commitment to innovation and the potential of blockchain technology to transform the travel insurance sector.”

Avata is an InsurTech company that integrates insurance solutions within the digital and tokenized asset space. Offering a plug-and-play platform, it connects insurance carriers with merchants of digital assets and tokenized real-world assets (RWAs).

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Sun Feng Wu, CEO and Founder of Avata, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership: “We’re excited to lead the way in transforming travel insurance by integrating trust, flexibility, and peace of mind with advanced blockchain technology. Our collaboration with marks a significant advancement towards innovating travel insurance. The tokenized travel insurance introduces a new era of adaptability, and user control on Camino Network.”

Overall, this partnership between and Avata introduces a pioneering product to the travel insurance market and highlights the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

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