DigitalCoinPrice Forecast Bitcoin Cash Price to Reach $956 in 2024, Toncoin Foundation Launches Community Rewards While KangaMoon Presale Attracts Whales

While the crypto market is heading for a resurgence after the recent market downturn, popular prediction platform Digitalcoinprice has made a positive prediction on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for the coming months. Also, the Toncoin (TON) Foundation has launched a community reward program worth over $115M. In another development, KangaMoon (KANG) ongoing presale has attracted whales. Some analysts have added the KANG token to their watch list of top cryptos to watch out for in 2024. More details below. 

KangaMoon (KANG) Raises $2.8M While Eyeing $3M Mark Soon

While Bitcoin Cash and Toncoin are witnessing massive ecosystem developments, the KangaMoon presale

is also witnessing massive success. Although the presale started in slow motion, it has now evolved to become the talk of the market. So far, the team has raised over $2.8M while eyeing $3M by the end of the month.

Notably, the KANG price, which started at a floor price of $0.0050 in stage 1 of the presale, is now sold for $0.014, giving early investors who joined at stage 1 over 180% ROI. To boost the token’s popularity, the team has announced plans to list the token in a major CEX exchange in Q2. If this milestone is achieved, KANG might trade around $0.5 in Q3, making it one of the top cryptos to watch out for in the year.

Meanwhile, the KangaMoon is a revolutionary meme coin project with a focus on building a vibrant community for meme enthusiasts. As a Play-2-Earn platform, users can earn through various avenues. KANG holders can compete in weekly, monthly and quarterly challenges and earn rewards. 

Also, token holders can earn more tokens when they participate in community activities like sharing posts, tweeting and commenting on posts aimed at promoting the project on social media.  Some analysts believe that the KANG token will outshine popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in the year. As such now is the best time to invest in 2024 hottest meme coins which could become a blue chip crypto soon. 

DigitalCoinPrice Forecast Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price To Reach $956 in 2024

The famous crypto price prediction platform, Digitalcoinprice has made a positive forecast on one of the top cryptos in the market. Based on the platform prediction, the Bitcoin Cash price will reach $956 in 2024. The platform hinged its prediction on the Bitcoin Cash key market indicators which is bullish. The Fear and Greed index is reading 40, which means extreme fear and buyer activity.


Meanwhile, the Bitcoin Cash trading volume is witnessing a day-to-day average growth of 90% in the past few days. The token’s market cap is also in the uptrend. Some analysts believe the surging market activity could push the price up. As such, they predict the Bitcoin cash price to retest the $500 mark in the coming days. 

Toncoin Foundation Launches Community Rewards 

The Toncoin Foundation has launched community rewards. The initiative named “The Open League” is valued at over $115M at the current rate. Following the successful pilot program, The Open League will share 30 million Toncoin to competing projects and TON ecosystem starting from April 1. 

Meanwhile, the positive news has led to bullish sentiment in the Toncoin price chart. The token has gained over 138% in the past month and 37% in the past week. The Toncoin trading volume and market cap are also booming to signal that the token is in a massive rally. At the current trajectory, the Toncoin price might reach $10 in the coming weeks. 

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