Top 10 AI Trading Platforms for 2024: Expert Rankings & Reviews

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Top 10 AI Trading Platforms for 2024: Expert Rankings & Reviews
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Top 10 AI Trading Platforms for 2024: Expert Rankings & Reviews

AI trading platforms are extremely useful for streamlining research and investment processes. Some platforms provide AI-powered insights and predictions, whereas others provide automated trading services. As experienced traders, we recognize the value of having powerful tools at our disposal. For this reason, we set out to find the best AI trading platforms, beginning with ValueZone, our top pick. ValueZone is renowned for its remarkable features, but that is just the start. 

We will look at the top 10 AI trading platforms for 2024 in this guide. Continue reading to learn which AI-powered platforms can take your trading skills to new heights. 

10 Best AI Trading Platforms Ranked 2024

  1. ValueZone – Overall Top Performing AI Trading Platform
  2. Pionex – Best AI Trading Bot for Creating Custom Strategies
  3. Kryll – The Best AI Trading Platform for Automated Strategies
  4. Learn2Trade – Top Crypto Trading Bot with 79% Win Rate
  5. Bitsgap –  Best User-Friendly Trading Platform
  6. Octobot – Best for Price Predictions Through ChatGPT
  7. CryptoHopper – Popular Trading Bot Work on Multiple Exchanges
  8. TradeSanta – Best AI Trading Platform for DCA Strategy
  9. 3Commas – Best Platform for Manual & Automated Trading 
  10. Coinrule – Best Platform for Beginners

Detailed review of Top 10 AI Trading Platforms

ValueZone – Overall Top Performing AI Trading Platform

AI Trading PlatformValueZone
Supported AssetsCrypto
FeesNo Hidden Fees
Minimum Investment Required$50
Free PlanAvailable

ValueZone is a widely-used platform with more than 7 years of experience favored by traders across the globe, with a user base exceeding 39M+ spread across 156+ countries. The platform offers an array of crypto trading bots, catering to different investment strategies and preferences.

It offers personalized investment plans to help you achieve your financial goals, tailored to your preferences and risk tolerance. You can withdraw all your profits after 24 hours.

It is 100% secure and safe as it is equipped with multi-layered security protocols and undergoes regular security audits to ensure the safety of user funds and data. It offers a variety of diverse trading strategies tailored to different risk profiles and investment goals, allowing users to diversify their portfolios and maximize returns.

It works on cutting-edge algorithms and data analysis techniques to provide efficient and effective trading solutions. Their support center is for you 24/7, ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring that your experience with us is always seamless and stress-free.

It does not impose any hidden fees or charges on our users. All costs are communicated and disclosed, allowing users to make informed decisions without any surprises. Also, it offers a competitive referral reward of 3.5% for each successful referral, allowing you to earn passive income while helping others discover the benefits of our platform.


How to make passive income with the $50 free plan?

1.Sign up a ValueZone Account:When you register successfully, you will receive a $50 trial reward.

2.Click “Plan” to purchase the free plan

3.Click “Invest Now” and buy it

According to the product details, this free plan can be purchased once per day, then we can get $1 profit every day, and when the profit reaches the minimum withdrawal amount, we can withdraw the profit immediately. Even if we do not invest, we can still make profit. Earn passive income this way.

Pionex – Best AI Trading Bot for Creating Custom Strategies

AI Trading PlatformPionex
Supported AssetsCrypto
Minimum Investment Required$110
Free PlanAvailable

Pionex is a popular platform utilized by over 100,000 traders spanning over 100 countries. It offers a range of crypto trading bots, including the Grid trading bot and the Rebalancing Bot, catering to different investment strategies.

With Pionex, users have access to a comprehensive crypto trading platform integrated with AI bots, eliminating the need to connect to external exchanges. The platform supports nearly 380 crypto markets, ensuring ample trading opportunities for users.

Pionex has earned a solid reputation, with its AI bots receiving positive feedback from various sources, including prominent YouTube influencers like Max Maher, who conducted tests with his own $10,000 capital.

Pionex provides access to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Solana, Shiba Inu, and Cardano for trading. Their AI bots offer various strategies, including a grid trading bot that purchases major cryptocurrencies during market downturns and sells them at predetermined profit margins. Additionally, Pionex offers a dollar-cost averaging bot designed for long-term investors.

Regarding fees, Pionex does not charge for using its trading bots. Instead, users incur a trading fee of just 0.05% per transaction, making it a cost-effective option for automated trading.


– One of the top AI trading platforms for cryptocurrencies

– Wide selection of bot strategies available

– Pay only when the bot trades – 0.05% per slide

– Supports nearly 380 cryptocurrencies

– No minimum deposit requirement


– Does not support traditional assets such as stocks

– High-margin trading fees 

Kryll – The Best AI Trading Platform for Automated Strategies

AI Trading PlatformKryll
Supported AssetsCrypto
FeesVaries by bot
Minimum Investment Required$100
Free PlanNot Available

Kryll is known as a game-changer in AI trading platforms, especially for folks keen on AI software for stock trading. It boasts of being one of the biggest marketplaces for AI trading bots, offering a vast selection of user-created bots featuring various crypto day trading strategies. According to Kryll, a whopping 75% of these bots outperform the market, with some top strategies raking in returns exceeding 100% annually.

Traders on Kryll have the option to either copy existing strategies, tweak them to their liking, or craft their own using the platform’s user-friendly strategy editor, which doesn’t require any coding knowledge. The editor supports numerous technical indicators, unique metrics, as well as rules and triggers to help traders manage their risk effectively.

Kryll’s strategies can be seamlessly executed on major crypto exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, Kraken,,, and ByBit, making it convenient for users.

When it comes to pricing, traders need to purchase subscriptions for individual bots from the marketplace. Kryll levies a small trading fee for each execution, but users holding Kryll’s native $KRL crypto token enjoy fee discounts.

Kryll adopts a flexible Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, which is attractive for those who want to keep a close eye on their trading expenses. Users only pay for the strategies they use, with the option to further reduce costs by participating in the Kryll Holding Program.


– Marketplace with a wide selection of ready-to-deploy bots

– Ability to create custom trading strategies 

– Integration with 9 major crypto exchanges

– 75% of strategies outperform the market

– Reduced fees available for $KRL holders


– Costs can accumulate rapidly 

– Lack of backtesting tools for custom strategies

Learn2Trade – Top Crypto Trading Bot with 79% Win Rate

AI Trading PlatformLearn2Trade
Supported AssetsCrypto
FeesNo fees
Minimum Investment Required£99 
Free PlanNot Available

Learn2Trade is a well-known service that provides forex and crypto trading signals alongside a reliable crypto trading bot. The Learn2Trade crypto bot boasts an impressive success rate of 79% when trading tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, Chainlink, and more.

Operated through Cornix, the bot translates signals from Learn2Trade’s Telegram group into orders that are then sent to a trader’s crypto exchange or broker. Setting up the bot is a breeze and takes less than 10 minutes. Once it’s up and running, traders can sit back as the bot handles the opening and closing of crypto trades automatically, without any manual intervention.

Built using over 100 technical indicators and capable of scanning dozens of crypto pairs, Learn2Trade’s AI bot can spot opportunities in any market condition. Operating 24/7, it’s perfectly suited for the crypto market, which never sleeps.

With a target reward-risk ratio of 3:1, mirroring professional traders’ aims, the bot employs take-profit and stop-loss levels with every trade to effectively manage risk.

Learn2Trade’s bot is available for £99 per month, £349 per year, or £1,499 for a lifetime subscription, offering flexibility for traders based on their preferences and budget.


– Ready-to-use crypto trading bot 

– Simple setup process and seamless integration 

– Bot operates 24/7, ensuring continuous trading

– Built-in risk management features 

– Trades across dozens of crypto pairs

– Lifetime subscription option available


– No free plan offered

Bitsgap –  Best User-Friendly Trading Platform

AI Trading PlatformBitsgap
Supported AssetsCrypto
Fees$20 per month
Minimum Investment Required$230
Free PlanNot Available

Bitsgap is a leading AI trading platform that offers a comprehensive solution for automating cryptocurrency trading strategies, catering to traders in the United States. With its user-friendly interface and advanced technology, Bitsgap is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders aiming to enhance their efficiency and profitability in the dynamic crypto market.

Traders can seamlessly connect to various crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase through the Bitsgap trading terminal. Currently, over 500,000 customers rely on Bitsgap for their AI trading needs.

One of the standout features of Bitsgap is its wide range of pre-made trading bot strategies. These strategies can be easily customized to match individual trading goals and risk preferences, providing traders with the flexibility to explore new techniques or optimize existing ones.

Bitsgap offers a transparent and flexible pricing structure, with plans starting from just $23 per month for the Basic subscription. Each plan is designed to meet different trading requirements, offering features such as active GRID and DCA bots, unlimited smart orders, and futures bots. Additionally, Bitsgap provides a free 7-day PRO trial, allowing users to fully experience its capabilities before making any commitments.


– Offers a comprehensive suite of trading tools

– User-friendly interface across various devices

– Provides a wide range of pre-made strategies

– Transparent and flexible pricing structure 


– Access to premium features necessitates higher-tier subscriptions

Octobot –  Best for Price Predictions Through ChatGPT.

AI Trading PlatformOctobot
Supported AssetsCrypto
FeesMonthly subscription
Minimum Investment Required$100
Free PlanAvailable

Octobot is a platform designed to assist traders in navigating the cryptocurrency markets by offering tailored trading strategies with the help of AI. The platform provides support for various popular trading bots, including GRID strategies, daily trading modes, and DCA strategies.

What sets Octobot apart is its integration of AI within the crypto trading realm. Utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT, one of the leading AI trading tools globally, Octobot incorporates AI-powered trading strategies. By leveraging ChatGPT, Octobot analyzes cryptocurrency market trends and receives price predictions. For instance, Octobot might inquire about ChatGPT for a short-term price forecast on XRP.

The AI chatbot then examines historical price data and real-time market movements to generate a price prediction, which is subsequently suggested to the investor. These AI predictions are provided within the GRID and Daily trading modes.

Octobot offers a free subscription plan, but it only supports pre-set automated trading and paper trading. For access to the ChatGPT trading mode, investors need to subscribe to the ‘Standard Plan’ priced at $76 per month.


– Utilizes ChatGPT for making price predictions

– Provides a free trading version

– Utilizes real-time market movements

– Supports GRID and daily trading bots


– Requires a payment of $76 per month to access the AI mode

AI Trading PlatformCryptoHopper
Supported AssetsCrypto
Fees$129 per month
Minimum Investment Required$240
Free PlanAvailable

Cryptohopper distinguishes itself as a robust platform designed specifically for crypto traders, providing a strategy marketplace where users can replicate a wide range of pre-made and user-created trading strategies. Traders have the flexibility to customize these strategies with features like trailing stops and price targets to effectively manage their risk.

For those looking to take their trading to the next level, Cryptohopper enables users to build and backtest their strategies without requiring any coding skills. With support from over 130 indicators, traders can fine-tune their strategies to suit their preferences and market conditions.

One of Cryptohopper’s most advanced features is the ability to create AI bots for trading. These bots learn from the success of both self-created and copied strategies and can automatically switch between them based on market conditions, optimizing profit potential. This sets Cryptohopper apart from other trading bot services that typically focus on one strategy at a time.

However, Cryptohopper’s top-tier plan, which includes AI trading functionality, comes for $129 per month. Nonetheless, users can avail themselves of a 30% discount by using the Promo Code “CLICKOUT.”


– Marketplace offering a variety of bots for copy-trading

– Capability to create and backtest custom trading strategies

– Capable of automatically switching between strategies

– Supports over 130 built-in technical indicators

– Integrates with 17 major crypto exchanges


– Limited to crypto trading, excluding other asset types

– Some bots may require additional subscriptions 

TradeSanta – Best AI Trading Platform for DCA Strategy

AI Trading PlatformTradeSanta
Supported AssetsCrypto
Fees$25 per month
Minimum Investment Required$180
Free PlanAvailable

TradeSanta is a top-notch crypto trading platform that offers a range of features including trading bots, trading signals, copy trading, and a trading terminal, all accessible via a convenient mobile app.

This versatility makes it an ideal choice for traders who are frequently on the move and need to closely monitor their investments and bots. Traders can easily connect their exchanges, including Binance, OKX, Coinbase, HTX, Kraken, and ByBit, using API keys.

TradeSanta provides a comprehensive suite of tools for automating trading strategies. It offers both spot and futures trading bots that support long and short strategies, enabling users to capitalize on market movements in any direction. 

Integration with top exchanges ensures access to a wide market, while features like Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and Grid strategies help mitigate risks and exploit market volatility. Technical indicators and signals, including those from TradingView, assist traders in entering and exiting the market at optimal times.

For traders who prefer not to create their bots, TradeSanta offers a marketplace where they can find bots developed by other traders. Before committing, users can test strategies using a demo account to assess performance. Additionally, they can set stop loss and trailing stops and establish take-profit targets to optimize bot performance.


– User-friendly platform suitable for traders of all levels

– Automated trading available 24/7 on both spot and futures markets

– Copy trading feature allows users to leverage successful strategies

– Competitive pricing structure with a free trial option


– Advanced features require upgrading to higher-tier plans

3Commas – Best Platform for Manual & Automated Trading

AI Trading Platform3Commas
Supported AssetsCrypto
Minimum Investment Required$100
Free PlanAvailable

3Commas is a crypto investment platform that empowers users to create and manage automated trading strategies. With a wide range of prebuilt strategies available, users can also design their strategies using indicators, signals, and triggers. 

Additionally, users can link their 3Commas account to TradingView to execute trades based on TradingView signals. Supporting over 20 exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Bitfinex, 3Commas allows users to monitor their portfolio, track performance, and adjust settings via both web and mobile apps.

The platform offers various bots like the DCA Bot, Futures Bot, and GRID Bot, with seamless integration with top exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Bitfinex. With dedicated apps for iOS and Android, 3Commas caters to mobile users. To make its features accessible, 3Commas offers a lifetime free basic plan.

3Commas was founded in 2017 and currently has over 140,000 users as well as favorable reviews from users and experts. It prioritizes security by offering features like two-factor authentication and encryption. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the risks associated with any trading platform and conduct thorough research before investing.


– Automated portfolio rebalancing functionality

– Smart and Copy trading features available

– Ability to test all Pro features in a 3-day free trial

– Integration across major exchanges

– Bots available for all crypto market conditions – bull, bear, and sideways

– Unique bot options offered


– Detailed interface may initially feel overwhelming 

– Profitability may be difficult to measure 

– Tracking average profitability can be challenging 

Coinrule – Best Platform for Beginners

AI Trading PlatformCoinrule
Supported AssetsCrypto
Fees$499.99 a month
Minimum Investment Required$100
Free PlanAvailable

Coinrule is one of the top AI-automated cryptocurrency trading platforms, particularly suited for beginners. Its trading terminal seamlessly connects with over 10 of the leading crypto exchanges worldwide.

Coinrule employs military-grade security measures and encryption protocols. Traders can access straightforward and effective AI-based trading strategies like ‘Catch the Swing,’ which leverages the RSI technical indicator to identify optimal buying and selling opportunities during sideways markets.

The free version of Coinrule’s automated trading bot supports 20 exchange platforms, with the option for users to pay for access to an unlimited number of exchanges. Supported exchanges include Binance, Kraken, OKX, Gemini, KuCoin, Robinhood, and more. Users can set their parameters via the Coinrule website and deploy them to their chosen exchange.

Trading is available 24/7, with users able to select from three pricing plans. The most premium plan allows up to 50 trading rules to run and execute 10,000 trades per rule within 24 hours. Coinrule also offers personalized one-to-one training sessions, unlimited trade volume, and ultra-fast trade execution from a dedicated server.

Coinrule’s demo exchange offers the opportunity to create numerous trial rules and strategies. Users can experiment with various trading choices and gain insights without risking actual funds. The system supports both market and limit orders within these demo rules, providing a comprehensive learning experience.


– It is a beginner-friendly trading platform

– Customized bots for trading

– Free subscription service

– Individual training sessions are accessible.


– Pro plan is priced at $449.99 per month


The top AI trading bots can assist traders in identifying more trading opportunities, minimizing risk, and potentially increasing profits. These bots come with a variety of strategies and can be applied to trading crypto, stocks, forex, and other assets.

Our choice for the best overall AI trading bot in 2024 is ValueZone. ValueZone provides access to two crypto trading bots and will soon allow traders to develop their custom bots. It boasts a user-friendly interface and offers a reasonably priced subscription, delivering exceptional value.


Are AI bots the best option for trading?

AI bots can be highly effective for trading, often yielding returns that surpass what many individual traders could achieve on their own. 

Do AI trading bots yield successful results?

Many AI trading bots exhibit win rates significantly higher than 50%, with some boasting annual returns exceeding 100%. 

Are AI trading bots permissible?

AI trading bots are entirely legal for crypto, stock, and forex trading in the US and the majority of other countries.

How do AI trading bots operate?

AI trading bots function based on a set of predetermined entry conditions, which, when met, prompt the bot to initiate a trade. 

Which AI trading bot is optimal for crypto?

The leading AI crypto trading bot is ValueZone. ValueZone supports trading across numerous cryptocurrencies, boasting an impressive win rate. 

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