B² Network Partners with SPACE ID to Revolutionize Identity Services

The most practical Bitcoin Layer-2 network B² Network has announced a pivotal partnership with SPACE ID. This collaboration will transform the identity sector for the B² ecosystem. SPACE ID is the global name service network expert, providing a complete identity framework that discovers, logs, trades, and manages all aspects of Web3 domains.

B² Network Enhances Security with SPACE ID

This partnership will allow B² Network to leverage SPACE ID’s experience to develop its identity service systems. Therefore, the core of this collaboration is to provide B² decentralized identities to the users and projects in the B² ecosystem.

These identities will enable users to prove their presence in the ecosystem without relying on any centralized authority, thus enhancing the overall security of the network. Additionally, B² Network’s partnership with SPACE ID will also see the two parties provide insights into cutting-edge use cases.

B² Network and SPACE ID Collaboration Strengthens Ecosystem Dynamics

B² Network will learn a new way of using decentralized identities in their ecosystem through the SPACE ID experience. This will open new use-cases and possibilities for its users and projects. Moreover, B² Network and SPACE ID collaboration is crucial since the former will also help SPACE ID in constructing an infrastructure that enables them to build brand identities in the B² ecosystem.

This means, more users and projects in the B² Network shall experience the ease of building, maintaining, and controlling brand identities in a more vibrant B² Network. This demonstrates how B² Network and SPACE ID are growing together.