Immutable Launches ‘The Main Quest’ with $50M in Web3 Gaming Rewards

Immutable, a leading Web3 gaming platform, has launched its rewards program, ‘The Main Quest‘. In collaboration with Digital Worlds Foundation, this initiative promises up to $US50 million in token rewards for players engaging with over 270 games in the Immutable network. This marks another expansion of the Immutable Ecosystem Rewards program, which aims to incentivize players to explore and participate in the fast-growing world of Web3 gaming.

Unveiling ‘The Main Quest’

‘The Main Quest’ is set to revolutionize web3 gaming by allowing players to earn rewards through various activities such as quests, playing games, and managing collections on the Immutable platform. With ten leading Web3 gaming projects included in this first phase, including popular titles like Pixelmon, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, Space Nation, and MetalCore, players can expect diverse experiences catered to their gaming preferences.

Expansion of Gaming Portfolio

The inaugural lineup for ‘The Main Quest’ showcases the diversity of web3 gaming, with a mix of competitive, RPG, action, and community-focused games. For those who enjoy fast-paced competition, Blast Royale offers a Battle Royale experience on mobile platforms. RPG enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the rich narratives of Guild of Guardians and Hunters on Chain. Illuvium takes players into an intricate open-world exploration and strategy game, while MetalCore offers an immersive mech combat experience.

Metal Core and Guild of Guardians

Earning Rewards

To earn rewards, both new and existing players registered with Immutable Passport or who have linked their wallets to Immutable zkEVM can collect Gems by engaging in a continuously updated selection of tasks and quests. These Gems can then be redeemed at the Immutable community portal for various rewards. In addition, completing special quests will also earn players game tokens and in-game NFTs, adding even more value to their participation in the Immutable ecosystem.

‘The Main Quest’ marks another step towards mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming, with its impressive rewards program and diverse gaming portfolio. Immutable President and Co-founder Robbie Ferguson stated that this is just the beginning of their vision for Web3 gaming,  “We are excited to launch this first leg with some of the most anticipated projects in web3 gaming today, and as more of our 300+ signed games go to market, the opportunities for players to be rewarded by the Immutable ecosystem will grow exponentially. Web3 gaming is here – and this is just the start.”

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