MomoAI Announces Integration with TON Ecosystem to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

MomoAI, a Solana-based Web3 platform that offers social entertainment products, has recently announced a new integration. The platform has mentioned that it is integrating with The Open Network Ecosystem to bring innovation to the world of Web3 gaming. As per the company, this endeavor is very beneficial for it to fulfill its objectives as well as further progress.

MomoAI Executes TON Integration to Innovate Web3 Gaming

The platform took to its official account on X to disclose this integration. It added that the respective integration will contribute to the advancement in Web3 gaming. In its recent post, the firm noted that the development flourishes the company’s mission to reach exclusive heights. Hence, the platform will reportedly be able to accomplish its vision of emerging as a prominent player in the market.

As a result of this, the MomoAI added, the company will potentially unlock exclusive game-changing innovations. In addition to this, it also focuses on the enhancement of the consumer experience. Keeping that in view, the latest integration with the infrastructure of TON will facilitate the company to a great extent.

The recent market experience of the company has been signifying optimism. In this respect, MomoAI has reportedly made significant progress in the recent couple of months. According to the statement that the firm made on the social media platform, it has reached 1M organic consumers. In the meantime, it has also seen more than 700K of them as active users.

The Integration Includes NFT/Token Migration and In-Game TON Rewards

Apart from that, there are above 160K individuals who use the platform daily. Additionally, the company is matchlessly transitioning its chief in-game assets, premium features, and transactions to its new collaborator TON. The partnership includes the integration of the TON wallet, migration of NFTs and tokens to TON, and in-game rewards with TON.