The memecoin airdrop temporarily reduces the cost of the Solana phone “Chapter 2”

Two cat-themed memecoin airdrops for customers of the Solana “Chapter 2” phone temporarily covered the cost of the device on Thursday. 

Currently, the combined value of these airdrops for Chapter 2 is estimated to be around 385 dollars, while the price of the phone pre-orders is 450 dollars, awaiting its expected launch in 2025.

Let’s see below all the details. 

The value of the airdrop almost covers the price of the pre-order: the cost of the Solana phone reduced thanks to memecoins

As anticipated, the cat-themed airdrops for the new Solana phone “Chapter 2” could cover the cost of the device alone, with its provisional launch scheduled for 2025.

An airdrop of 5,199 Maneki tokens (MANEKI) launched on April 24, along with a previous airdrop of 37,600 Cat in a Dogs World tokens (MEW) on April 1, temporarily covered the cost of pre-ordering Chapter 2 last Thursday.

At a certain point, the combined value of these two airdrops reached 459 dollars, exceeding the pre-order price of the device, set at 450 dollars, according to Solana Floor.

MANEKI has grown by over 10% in the last 24 hours, while MEW has decreased by 3%, according to CoinGecko data. Currently, the value of the MANEKI airdrop is $127.38, while that of MEW is $214.78, according to the Two Loot dashboard.

Together with three other memecoin airdrops – WUFFI, IQ50, and CWIF – which are worth a total of 43.45 dollars, the total value of the airdrops for Chapter 2 now amounts to 385.62 dollars.


Solana Mobile presented Chapter 2 as the more affordable successor to its first cryptographic phone, the Saga, in January. The phone received 60,000 pre-orders in a month and is expected to be delivered in the first half of 2025.

Customers who pre-order the phone can connect their Solana wallet addresses, allowing them to receive airdrops before receiving the device.

Feline memecoins could cover the cost of the new Solana phone “Chapter 2”

As mentioned, several cat-themed memecoins could soon cover the cost of the “Chapter 2” phone, especially if their prices continue to rise. 

This phenomenon is similar to what happened with Bonk, a canine-themed token, which previously covered the cost of the original Solana Saga phone.

The first Saga phone was initially put on sale for $1,000, but due to poor sales, the price was reduced to $599. However, in December, the value of the Bonk memecoin, which is based on the Solana network, increased by over 800%. 

Since each phone included 30 million BONK tokens, their combined value soon exceeded the cost of the device.

This sudden increase in the value of memecoin has led to a rapid depletion of Saga phones stocks, with 20,000 units sold in a short time. Some orders have been canceled and refunded due to the shortage of stocks. 

Some reports suggest that some of these phones were later resold on eBay at prices reaching 5,000 dollars.