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How to qualify for the AlienX airdrop and get the AIX crypto as a reward

In this article, we see how to participate in the crypto airdrop of the AlienX blockchain and try to obtain a share of the AIX tokens that will be distributed within the community.

Recently AlienX launched the HAL testnet, anticipating the mainnet launch expected by the end of June, with the TGE of the project’s main token being inaugurated in parallel.

Let’s see below how to try to become eligible for the airdrop.

What is the AlienX project?

AlienX is a next-generation blockchain with EVM compatibility based on AI nodes, primarily dedicated to the gaming world and the NFT sector.

A set of 50,000 nodes, each managed through an AI proxy, ensures the continuous monitoring of the network and its security, in addition to allowing high technical performance with scalability suitable for the numerous requests that will be processed.

The goal is to be able to integrate billions of game resources with blockchain and intelligenza artificiale.

In this initial development phase of the project, AlienX allows you to earn profits from staking crypto such as BTC, ETH; ARB, SOL (and also NFTs), with the rewards that will be credited directly at the launch of the mainnet in the form of AIX tokens.

As of today, it has a TVL from staking equal to 55 million dollars and a total of 70,000 users, with numbers strongly growing

The platform uses the cryptographic stack of Arbitrum Orbit and relies on strategic partnerships with the teams of the projects from OffChain Labs, Caldera, and AlienSwap.

AlienX has been valued at a whopping 200 million dollars after completing two rounds of financing, raising a total of 17 million dollars from VC investors such as OKX Ventures, C² Ventures, and Next Leader Capital

At the end of May, AlienX launched the HAL tesnet blockchain accompanied by a 3-week airdrop program (which will end around mid-June) where the entire community can interact with the new network and obtain additional shares of the airdrop as a gift.

By the end of June, the mainnet is expected to be inaugurated, as soon as thorough testing is completed and all the functionalities of the chain are perfected.
On this occasion, the AIX token will be introduced and distributed among all eligible users (the vAIX tokens will be converted into AIX), and the migration of AI Nodes will also be completed.

In parallel with the HAL testnet, the details of the tokenomics and the utility of the new crypto AIX have also been revealed, which will play a central role in the cryptographic ecosystem as the main resource for payment and staking.

The allocation of the token, the percentage unlocked at TGE, and the timing with which each slice will be released to eligible parties, are indicated in the table below.

Source: https://docs.alienxchain.io/~/changes/KsEn4zQZ0ODootaSCWwx/white-paper/tokenomics

How to be eligible for the AlienX crypto airdrop: staking and Hal Quest

Examining the information regarding the tokenomics of AIX, let’s see what actions to take to qualify for the airdrop of Alienx.

We observe that a large portion of the token (overall 60%) will be allocated for the project’s stakers and for the holders of X-Nodes, which is a resource derived from social quests, no longer collectible.

The first step to participate in the AlenX airdrop and be eligible is to stake (via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Solana networks) coins such as BTC, ETH, ARB, SOL, RSETH, cSTONE, mSAT, or NFTs like “The weirdo Ghost Gang”, “Cyber Ticket Pass Card” and “MutliSat PASS”.

It is also possible to participate by locking the so-called AI Node (not to be confused with X-Nodes), currently on sale through a Public Sale at 0.56 ETH.

These allow participation in securing the network and obtaining future shares of the gas fees paid by users to use the Alienx HAL blockchain.

In all cases, by staking on the platform, you obtain vAIX tokens which will then be converted into AIX during the TGE by the end of June.

Note how there is a section called “treasure BOX”, where extra vAIX can be obtained based on staking goals.

ATTENTION because all locked funds are not withdrawable until the network goes mainnet. 

Source: https://alienxchain.io/staking

Another way to qualify for the AlienX airdrop is by solving the “HAL Quest”  by completing simple tasks within the HAL testnet network.

By doing so, you will certainly obtain a smaller share of AIX tokens for the airdrop, given the low allocation reserved for the community, but you will be able to farm for free.

For each QUEST completed, a predetermined number of ALIEN tokens (converted into AIX at the end of the campaign) is obtained. These are simple tasks such as requesting a faucet, bridging funds on the testnet, staking test tokens, deploying a contract, etc.

For a step-by-step guide on everything that needs to be done, you can consult this thread on X.

Source: https://hal.alienxchain.io/quest

There are also additional ways to earn a share of the airdrop, such as trading on AlienSwap and being generally active on all the projects that orbit within the AlienX ecosystem.