Influencers Rally Behind BlockDAG’s Keynote 2: Achieving 1120% ROI and Earning $48.5M In Presale; PEPE & Solana Struggle to Keep Pace

Influencers Rally Behind BlockDAG's Keynote 2: Achieving 1120% ROI and Earning $48.5M In Presale; PEPE & Solana Struggle to Keep Pace

PEPE has recently seen an increase in market cap, spurred by strong demand and the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs. Meanwhile, Solana’s price is on the rise amid ongoing market fluctuations. Yet, it’s BlockDAG that has truly shone with its Keynote 2, realizing a 1120% ROI from batch 1 to 18 and accumulating a $48.5M presale, increasing by the hour. Public figures like Crypto Shanky have notably elevated BlockDAG’s profile and investor trust. This strong response has overshadowed PEPE and Solana’s achievements, positioning BlockDAG as a premier entity in crafting crypto millionaires.

class="wp-block-heading" id="h-pepe-holders-experience-growth-amid-market-optimism">PEPE Holders Experience Growth Amid Market Optimism

PEPE’s market cap has recently rebounded, positioning it to rival other leading meme coins in the anticipated bull market. Despite some market corrections, PEPE’s trading activity has surged. With a value of $0.00001486 in early June and predictions of reaching $0.00001815, driven by robust demand and the nod to spot Ethereum ETFs, PEPE is marking its territory in the crypto landscape.

Solana Price Climbs 5.18% Amid Market Fluctuations

Solana (SOL) has shown an upward trajectory, recently hitting $183.33—a 5.18% price increase. From a low of $164.50, SOL has secured a spot among the top cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $79.7 billion. Bullish signals from technical indicators suggest a potential rise to $188.84 if the trend persists. However, the high volatility means a drop below $166.88 could see prices falling back to $160, prompting traders to watch closely.

Influencers Spotlight BlockDAG’s Keynote 2, Triggering 1120% ROI Surge

BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 launch from the moon has set the crypto community abuzz, especially with influencers amplifying the event. This significant exposure has propelled its presale achievements to a remarkable $48.5 million with 11.4 billion coins sold. The keynote, a major event anticipated by the crypto community, showcased BlockDAG’s latest developments and future potential, renewing investor interest and confidence, which led to an impressive 1120% ROI by batch 18 with a price of $0.0122, making BlockDAG a hot topic in the crypto world.

Prominently, influencer Crypto Shanky has been crucial in amplifying BlockDAG’s success, using his substantial following to highlight the project’s revolutionary features. Shanky’s endorsements, describing BlockDAG as “revolutionary,” “groundbreaking,” and “transformative,” have significantly enhanced visibility and trust. His detailed explanations of the V2 white paper and the BDAG calculator, which estimates potential earnings for investors, have further solidified the project’s appeal, drawing a wider audience to the rapidly growing presale figures.


Moreover, Keynote 2 explored various essential facets of BlockDAG’s ecosystem, such as updates to the X1 Miner App, blockchain enhancements, and new features aimed at boosting scalability and security. It also reinforced the project’s commitment to decentralization and highlighted its strategic global marketing efforts, drawing widespread attention. Additionally, the keynote addressed the speculation about AI involvement by spotlighting the human team behind the project and explained the DAG-based proof of work consensus mechanism, emphasizing its efficiency and security.

Furthermore, BlockDAG’s strategic initiatives and influential endorsements have generated significant buzz in the crypto market, turning early investors into millionaires overnight. The project continues to experience explosive growth, with figures climbing hourly, showcasing its impressive expansion trajectory.

Closing Thoughts

While PEPE and Solana have made headlines with their market movements, BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 has unequivocally captured the spotlight with its rapidly growing presale figures. The keynote has propelled a staggering 1120% ROI, culminating in $48.5 million in presale success and 11.4 billion coins sold. Influencer endorsements have played a pivotal role in boosting BlockDAG’s visibility and investor confidence, firmly establishing it as a dominant force in the crypto market and demonstrating its potential to generate substantial wealth for early backers.

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