Explore the New Features in Heroes of Mavia Phase 2: Next Frontier

The highly anticipated Heroes of Mavia Phase 2: Next Frontier has officially launched. Unveiled on June 15th and 16th, Phase 2 introduces new features and updates intended to enhance gameplay and grow the Mavia community.

Heroes of Mavia: An Overview

Heroes of Mavia is a play-and-earn game that leverages blockchain technology and NFTs. Set on the island of Mavia, players build and develop their armies to engage in strategic battles. The game stands out by allowing players to earn real cryptocurrency, specifically RUBY, through competitive gameplay on the Ethereum blockchain.

Key Features and Updates in Phase 2: Next Frontier

Phase 2: Next Frontier brings a range of exciting new features and improvements:

Integrated Web3 Marketplace

One of the standout additions is the integrated Web3 marketplace, which enables players to trade using MAVIA and Ruby tokens. This creates a player-driven economy where legendary item NFTs are available for purchase and sale. A moderate 2.5% transaction fee is charged, with a portion of it going towards rewarding liquidity providers. This adds more value and practicality to the MAVIA tokens.

Ruby Staking and Liquidity Pools

Gamers can now utilize Ruby staking to earn and lock up their tokens for a specific duration in order to receive MAVIA coins. Furthermore, the introduction of liquidity pools allows players to deposit their MAVIA tokens and earn additional profits from marketplace fees.

Additionally, there is a convenient token swap feature that enables users to easily convert between Ruby and MAVIA, offering effortless value transfer between the game and blockchain.

On-Chain/Off-Chain Ruby Explorer

Another new addition to Phase 2 is the on-chain/off-chain Ruby explorer, which offers players a convenient way to monitor their Ruby transactions. Similar to a blockchain explorer, this tool promotes transparency and enhances the overall gaming experience. It proves especially handy for keeping tabs on NFT purchases and any forthcoming in-game deals.

Additional Game Modes and Features

The initial part of Phase 2, launched on June 16th, welcomed level 8 HQs and added fresh Traps to the mix, including Explosive Mines and Flying Bombs. These new traps provide players with a powerful means to defend against opposing forces. Along with these additions, the update also offers a base layout editor, daily gifts, challenges to conquer each day, and bug fixes. Additionally, Mira’s abilities have been enhanced with new superpowers, adding even more variety to gameplay choices.

Land NFTs Integration

Land NFTs are a crucial component of the game, giving landowners the ability to transfer their NFTs from Ethereum to Base. These NFTs can be acquired, traded, and leased on the Mavia marketplace using Ruby or MAVIA tokens. Owning a land NFT offers various advantages such as higher daily Ruby profits, whitelist permission for crafting specific NFTs, and complimentary participation in tournaments.

PvP Battles and Contests

Real-time PvP battles, which add an exciting new aspect to the gameplay. These battles involve players competing in PvE races, attacking a randomly selected base with a given set of troops. The objective is to inflict three stars worth of damage in the shortest time or cause the most destruction within a three-minute time frame.

Entrance into these battles requires payment in Ruby, and the winner will receive the entry fees minus a 5% burn fee. In addition, alliance-based PvP battles will be implemented and funded by alliance resources, bringing a strategic element to the game.

Ongoing Royalties for First Minters

In a unique move, Heroes of Mavia has announced their intention to provide continued royalties for players who successfully mint new legendary items. Although the particulars are still pending, this addition is sure to motivate initial users and those who frequently engage with the game.


The release of Heroes of Mavia Phase 2: Next Frontier marks a significant advancement for the game. Packed with fresh elements and enhancements, Heroes of Mavia remains at the forefront of creative growth within its blockchain-powered gaming community. Gamers and enthusiasts can anticipate an immersive and dynamic gameplay as these exciting advancements gradually launch in upcoming months.

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