Influencers Propel BlockDAG to $51.1M Presale Success; DOT And XRP Struggle To Keep Pace

Influencers Propel BlockDAG to $51.1M Presale Success; DOT And XRP Struggle To Keep Pace

Polkadot (DOT) recently invested $14 million in its DeFi venture, Hydration, while Ripple (XRP) battles market fluctuations tied to its ongoing SEC lawsuit. Amid these events, BlockDAG has achieved a staggering 1,120% price increase since its initial release earning $51.1 million in presale. Influential voices like Crypto Bull have praised it as the standout crypto jewel of 2024, noting its innovative DAG-based PoW consensus and its potential for exponential returns. In contrast to DOT and XRP, BlockDAG’s continuous updates keep it firmly at the forefront of the ever-changing crypto landscape.

class="wp-block-heading" id="h-xrp-s-price-outlook-promising-horizons-ahead">XRP’s Price Outlook: Promising Horizons Ahead?

Currently trading at $0.4846, XRP has recently been struggling. However, it could see a major upswing by 2025, spurred by the potential approval of Ripple’s ETF. Despite the shadow cast by the Ripple vs SEC case, investor optimism remains strong, holding onto hope that a positive resolution could ignite Ripple’s market value.

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Polkadot’s Recent Moves: Boosting Hydration

Polkadot has allocated more than 2 million DOT tokens, worth $14 million, to bolster Hydration, a DeFi project aimed at improving trading mechanics on its Omnipool platform. The first wave of one million tokens will be distributed yearly, promising returns of over 200% APY to enhance liquidity.

Hydration’s innovative single-asset LP system invites users to engage in an incentive farm, streamlining participation. The rest of the tokens are reserved to strengthen the upcoming Polkadot 2.0 ecosystem by building robust native liquidity. Although this strategic move is significant for DOT, its immediate impact on market performance is yet to be determined.

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Highlight on BlockDAG: A Deep Dive with Crypto Bull’s Keynote 2

BlockDAG is the most advanced Layer 1 cryptocurrency, with rapid development and widespread acclaim from influencers, institutional backers, and crypto enthusiasts alike. YouTube influencer Crypto Bull recently broke down BlockDAG’s second moon-themed keynote, which discussed its presale success, forthcoming upgrades, and exclusive perks.


This presentation underscored major milestones like accolades from Forbes and Bloomberg, the introduction of DAG technology, the rollout of a low-code/no-code platform, and the launch of the X1 Miner app. Crypto Bull explored upcoming features such as the peer-to-peer engine, EVM compatibility, and the highly anticipated mainnet release, set to boost BlockDAG’s market presence significantly.

From its modest start at $0.001 per BDAG in batch 1, the price has climbed to $0.0122 by batch 18, marking an unprecedented 1,120% climb. This phase alone generated nearly $51.1 million from selling 11.5 billion coins, surpassing industry titans like Bitcoin and Kaspa, and fueling speculations of an eventual 30,000x ROI.

BlockDAG consistently updates its offerings, with recent enhancements to the X1 Miner app and Blockchain Explorer making headlines. These updates have streamlined the signup process, optimized BDAG coin mining, enhanced referral bonuses, and introduced mining performance monitoring. The Blockchain Explorer has transformed into a real-time newsfeed, providing instant updates and keeping the community well-informed.

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Concluding Thoughts

In a market rife with volatility and intense competition from players like DOT and XRP, BlockDAG maintains its lead through relentless innovation and robust influencer endorsements. Driven by its unique architecture and unmatched return potential, BlockDAG has achieved a 1,120% increase since its launch. Currently priced at $0.0122 in its 18th presale batch, BlockDAG is poised for monumental gains, forecasting a 30,000x return in future years.

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