Crypto Market Braces for $3 Billion Token Unlock Wave in July

As July nears, the crypto market anticipates a significant wave of token unlocks, with projects set to release around $3 billion worth of assets.

Token unlocks involve gradually releasing coins to prevent early investors or team members from selling large amounts quickly. Market experts noted that this process can increase selling pressure on digital assets, which can affect the broader market.

Top Unlocks for July

CryptoRank, a prominent crypto research and analytics platform, has highlighted July’s top 10 token unlock events. These events will unlock over $3 billion in digital assets, including over $100 million in the first week of the month.

AltLayer, an Ethereum roll-up project deployer, will release around 684 million tokens worth $119 million on July 25. Token Unlocks data shows that these tokens represent 22% of the market cap. The assets would be distributed to its team, investors, advisers, protocol development, treasury ecosystem, and community.

Meanwhile, Layer-1 blockchain platform Aptos and Ethereum Layer-2 network Arbitrum will continue their monthly token releases. The two projects will cumulatively release $150 million worth of tokens for their team, advisors, and investors.


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Top 10 Token Unlocks in July. Source: Cryptorank

Worldcoin, the proof-of-personhood project, will start a major token unlock on July 24. This event will release 6.62 million WLD tokens, valued at approximately $18 million, daily over 730 days. The tokens are allocated to the community, the initial development team, and investors.

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Other notable July unlocks include Uniswap (UNI), Ronin (RON), SUI, ImmutableX (IMX), SEI, Starknet (STRK), and Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Uniswap plans to release 8.33 million UNI tokens worth $77.88 million on July 16. Ronin will release 35.71 million RON tokens valued at $76.32 million starting July 27.

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