Big Time adds Cosmetic Collection Scores to its VIP program

Big Time just added a cosmetic collection score to its VIP program that enables NFT holders to accrue points, using which they can climb through various tiers and receive exclusive rewards. It was announced in a recent tweet by the gaming studio.

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The Cosmetic Collection score is a major component of the Big Time VIP program, and every NFT is now worth a particular number of points. The points vary for each asset depending on factors like Main type, Sub type, season, and rarity.

How many Cosmic Collection Tiers can players progress to?

Players can progress through 10 core Cosmetic Collection tiers, and each player’s score is calculated over an average of 30 days. While players can use rented NFTs to increase their scores, the points get deducted from the overall score once the asset is removed from ownership.

Big Time Cosmetic Collection Tiers (Source: Big Time Medium Post)

The amount of points required for the first 5 tiers is announced by the developers. However, the requirements for the latter tiers are not yet known. According to the team, those latter tiers are precisely “designed as challenges for the community to uncover.”

Players can own assets from different Tiers with a Collection Value

The official Medium post made by Big Time developers suggests that collecting points and $BIGTIME tokens are both essential to get the most benefits out of the VIP program.

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Here’s what we know about the asset Tiers and their Collection Value as of yet.

TierCollection Value

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