Wallhugger: New Web3 Horror Game with Deadfellaz

Wallhugger, a new horror-based PvP game developed by Tempest Studios and The Sandbox in collaboration with Deadfellaz, aims to provide a fresh experience in the Web3 gaming landscape. Deadfellaz is known for its Ethereum-based NFT collection of 10,000 unique zombie-themed avatars.


Wallhugger places players in an unexplored part of the Deadfellaz universe, focusing on the lore surrounding a failed cure for the Infected following The Incident, ultimately creating the Deadfellaz.

Players take on the role of a nameless Mechanic responsible for maintaining a mysterious facility. With minimal information and guidance from the facility AI, players navigate numerous underground levels, performing maintenance tasks like fixing fans and drains.

Inspired by classic games like Halflife, Lethal Company, and Pacman, Wallhugger combines survival horror elements with competitive PvP.

Each round requires players to navigate the facility, address maintenance issues, and extract safely while dealing with potential threats from creatures inhabiting the facility. The current build includes The Lurker, a base creature that can abruptly end a player’s mission if encountered.

Current Development Status

Wallhugger is in its early alpha stage, with most of the minimum viable product (MVP) elements available for testing during The Sandbox Builder’s Challenge period. This phase is essential for testing and refining the core gameplay loop, using feedback from private and public sources to shape the game’s development.

“Once out of alpha stage, we plan for Wallhugger to be the first IP born within TSB to have independent commercial success and exposure. We believe with Tempest & TSB by our side, we can achieve a truely unique and addictive gameplay experience and IP.” said Psych, Co-Founder and Game Director at Deadfellaz, in the announcement.

Source Deadfellaz

Deadfellaz Collector Perks

Wallhugger offers special perks for Deadfellaz collectors, though not in the form of Deadfellaz-specific items. Instead, the game provides in-game items like alternate mechanic suits, backpacks, wrenches, and gas masks that fit the game’s aesthetic.

To participate in Wallhugger’s alpha testing, players can visit The Sandbox’s official website, download TSB via their installer, and use the site link to access the Wallhugger alpha build. A wallet with DFZ assets is not required; a burner wallet is recommended for added security.

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