NFT-Powered Banking with Fiat24 and ONTO Wallet

Swiss fintech Fiat24 has joined forces with ONTO Wallet, a self-sovereign Web3 wallet, to offer users enhanced digital banking capabilities through NFT integration. This partnership shows how Web3 technology is making strides in real-world applications, particularly in the financial sector.

Onto Wallet in Decentralized Identity Systems in Banking

Decentralized identity (DID) systems are at the heart of this transformation, leveraging blockchain technology to provide a more secure and private alternative to traditional identification methods. This new technology could revolutionize the banking sector by enhancing security, privacy, and transaction recording and offering real-time payment processing services.

DID systems allow users to control their digital identities, protecting them from fraud and malicious activities while enabling safe participation in decentralized finance (DeFi). As these systems become more prevalent, they could play crucial roles in the future of banking.

With over 1 million registered users across 156 countries, ONTO Wallet is known for its approach to managing digital identities, data, and assets.

Key Features of the Partnership

The partnership with Fiat24, a digital banking platform built on the Arbitrum blockchain, introduces new e-banking services directly within the ONTO app. ONTO Wallet’s cross-chain functionality allows users to manage assets across different blockchains.

It also facilitates cross-chain swaps, enabling the secure and efficient exchange of crypto assets. Unlike traditional banks, Fiat24 operates entirely on smart contracts, using NFTs to manage client identities.


This integration allows ONTO users to open Swiss IBAN accounts seamlessly, merging cryptocurrency investment with traditional banking services. By minting a Fiat24 NFT, users can securely store all their account data, including Know-Your-Customer (KYC) information, ensuring safe engagement in DeFi activities.

Users can manage their digital assets directly within the ONTO app, including NFTs. NFT banking offers benefits such as providing liquidity and access to financial products without selling NFTs.

When choosing an NFT banking platform, considerations include reputation, security measures, fees, interest rates, loan terms, and customer support. The ONT ID acts as a digital passport, empowering users to independently control their on-chain assets and identity data.

Adding a dedicated ‘Fiat24’ tab in the ONTO app further simplifies the process, allowing users to manage their finances without leaving the same interface. This dual management of digital and traditional assets from one platform offers enhanced security through decentralized identity verification.

Looking ahead, the integration of Web3 services could redefine user engagements within digital banking and financial ecosystems, shaping the future of banking. Furthermore, Non-fungible tokens can play a crucial role in this transformation, revolutionizing digital banking by enabling new forms of transactions and ownership.

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