Bettergram — A Crypto-Focused Telegram Alternative

“Bettergram… isn’t it named Telegram?” Was the first thought that popped into my mind as I saw a tweet bringing attention to a newfangled messaging application. But don’t get me wrong, Bettergram is so much more than just a medium of communication aimed at crypto enthusiasts, or at least in my eyes it is.

Telegram — A Crypto Investor’s Favorite Mode Of Contact

Telegram, the worldwide messaging application, has been right up crypto’s alley for years now, with the sleek mobile and desktop applications quickly reaching adoption throughout the crypto industry. Chances are, the communities surrounding your favorite projects and cryptocurrencies have their own Telegram channels, which are active all-day and every-day with thousands, if not tens of thousands of users discussing their favorite crypto topics.

Those behind this simple, but sweet platform have recently taken notice of the crypto-focused community that uses their platform on a day-to-day basis, launching an ICO behind closed doors. As reported by BitcoinLinux, Telegram has raised upwards of $1.8 billion dollars in private funding rounds, and now plans to launch its own digital payments system. While this is not an explicit bid to catch the attention of the crypto crowd, it sure stirred up a lot of discussion in this flowering industry.

While Telegram may have captured the thoughts of many in the cryptosphere, Bettergram might bring features to the table which Telegram cannot.

Bettergram Meet Crypto, Crypto Meet Bettergram

For those who are unaware, Bettergram is a recently-launched application that intends to offer consumers with a different Telegram experience. It is important to note that Bettergram does not run in full independence, as this new platform is essentially an improved interface based on Telegram’s original Messenger platform. As Bettergram’s website states:

“We’ve built an improved version of Telegram Messenger with super helpful features our users absolutely love.”

This statement may lead some to ask, what features does this new application offer that makes it so great?

Firstly, the platform allows its users to pin up to 50 chats, while Telegram only offers support for a measly five. Secondly, Bettergram has implemented the novel idea of introducing multiple tabs to sort through the array of different types of Telegram channels. These are as follows:  favorites, groups, personal messages (PMs/DMs), and announcement channels. These four tabs allow users to easily scroll through their conversations to find exactly what they are looking for.

Last but not least, Bettergram has built-in a cryptocurrency price tracker for the top ten crypto assets. While this tracker is by no means as fully-fledged as a site like LiveCoinWatch or CoinMarketCap, it allows a great overview of the market for a user on the go.

BitcoinLinux briefly sat down with the founder of this innovative platform to discuss his vision and aspirations for this project.

BitcoinLinux: Why did you create Bettergram?

Crypto Max: So basically I built it because I was super frustrated at missing dms. Communication and networking with new people in crypto essentially goes at a snail’s pace on Telegram because every single person is in 800 groups and channels. Since the channels are more active than DMs, your important private messages (and potentially huge business deals/connections) often get lost.

BitcoinLinux: What sets Bettergram apart from Telegram? Do you even want to compete with Telegram?

Crypto Max: Telegram is awesome. They let developers like me build out niched applications on their giant network. Bettergram is better for power users of Telegram because of the features it offers. If you’re in 1000 groups, you have to scroll through to find who messaged you on Telegram. With Bettergram, you just have to click the DM Tab.

BitcoinLinux: What is your vision for the application? 

Crypto Max: If enough people are using Bettergram, communication flow in this industry improves since you can read your DMs with 1 click. We hope to constantly reiterate and build the best messaging app we can, with the introduction of content integration like RSS feeds and Youtube video feeds.

Taking a look at Max’s reasoning behind the creation of Bettergram, it quickly becomes apparent that he built this platform due to personal qualms he has had with the original Telegram application.

Bettergram, like its name implies, is quickly proving itself to be an improved take on Telegram’s Messenger application, or for crypto “power users” at least. Let’s just hope that the team behind this piece of software doesn’t decide to launch its own ICO that is only open to bigwig investors.

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