Eminem Buys Bored Ape NFT for $450,000

BAYC NFT creator and member with the username GeeGazza created the “EminApe” NFT, which depicts Eminem in Bored Ape form adorned with a gold chain and a camouflaged cap; it sold out to the real-life Eminem for 123.45 ether (approx$450,000).

Before the sale, which popular digital agency Six facilitated, GeeGazza had earlier urged the Grammy award-winning rapper, Slim Shady, to purchase the NFT on the Twitter platform.

“EminApe” NFT is the latest addition to Eminem’s NFT collection under the moniker “Shady Holdings,” making it a total of 15 NFTs purchased on OpenSea.

Speaking on the sale of “EminApe,” the creator via his Twitter handle @Gee_Gazza, thanked the entertainer, “I’m living in a simulation. Thank you @Eminem, for buying my ape and joining the club! Madness. Let me write a lyric in your next single,” he wrote.

Eminem Exposure to NFT

Slim Shady’s activities in the NFT market have been pretty hectic, according to dappradar.com. 

The top NFT aggregator and statistic tool record Eminem’s NFTs as 166, cutting across 32 different collections. His latest addition, “EminApe,” purchased for 123.45 ether, puts his address at 1.52.

The rapper has also transacted with georgio.eth on ENS, where the address transferred 124 ether to him. Eminem’s digital artworks include SABC #2615, Shaq Gives Back #4077, and Adult Fantasy Sub-Dude (130/151).

In April 2021, Eminem inspired animated Nonfungible tokens for Stans and sold the collections via the Nifty Gateway NFT platform. By August, Eminem, alongside Paul Rosenberg, also partook in a funding round that raised and invested $30 million in Makersplace, an NFT marketplace.

Eminem’s purchase of his “EminApe” NFT puts him amid other crypto-loving celebrities like NBA star Stephen Curry and talk show anchor Jimmy Fallon. BAYC trading volume is officially the second-largest NFT project on the OpenSea network.

CryptoSlam’s data puts secondary transactions for BAYC to be around 284,765 ether (approx. $977.6 million) with a floor price for its NFT set at 60 ETH.floornew floor price has now overtaken CryptoPunks.

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